The Most Popular Heavy Equipment Transported by State: Part 1

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June 9, 2023

Welcome to the first part of our series on heavy equipment transport across the United States. In this series, we’re exploring the major industries in America along with the heavy equipment each industry needs to haul, from tractors and combines for agriculture to excavators and backhoes for construction; we’ll explore the major industries in America and the equipment each sector needs to haul.

Each state has unique landscapes that influence which heavy industries dominate those economies. We’ll explore the industries that are the backbone of each state and how heavy equipment transport, including heavy haulers and heavy haul trucking, is essential for the stability of these industries. Join us on a journey through the western half of the country.

Heavy Equipment Hauling in the Western U.S.

We’re going to cover the western half of the country in this part one article while exploring the eastern half in part two. Follow along as we visit each state in alphabetical order. 


Alaska’s rugged terrain and abundant resources require specialized shipping for heavy equipment. In Alaska, industries such as oil and gas, mining, timber, and construction rely on the transportation of heavy machinery. These industries require drilling rigs, excavators, bulldozers, logging equipment, and construction equipment.

Efficient and reliable shipping solutions are vital for overcoming the unique challenges of Alaska’s environment and the pacific northwest that connects Alaska to the rest of the continent. These services ensure that heavy equipment reaches its destination safely and on time. Additionally, they help support the growth and productivity of various industries in the state.


Arizona’s diverse economy includes heavy industries such as mining, agriculture, aerospace, and manufacturing. Companies in these sectors regularly import and distribute equipment such as mining machinery, agricultural implements, aircraft components, and manufacturing equipment. Because these industries play a vital role in Arizona’s economy, efficient heavy equipment transport is essential for their success.


Agriculture and forestry are two of the top industries in Arkansas that rely on heavy trucking and large machinery. This equipment includes steel mill machinery, paper-making equipment, farm machinery, food processing machinery, and various other large vehicles. Efficient heavy-load transport services play a vital role in supporting these sectors and their activities.

Arkansas’s thriving manufacturing and transportation industries greatly depend on the smooth and reliable transportation of these machines. Trusted transport services play a vital role in ensuring the success of these industries. 


California’s economy is diverse and flourishing across various industries. From technology and entertainment to agriculture and aerospace, the state offers a wide range of opportunities. California depends on heavy equipment transport for shipping movie production equipment, agriculture machinery, and aerospace components. California’s vibrant economy and diverse sectors make it a key player in enabling the transportation of heavy equipment for various purposes.


Colorado’s top industries focus on renewable energy and natural resources, requiring dependable heavy equipment transport for both sectors. The state’s industries require the transportation of mining machinery, ski resort equipment, components for wind turbines, and construction equipment. 

With its commitment to renewable energy infrastructure, Colorado recognizes the significance of securely and swiftly moving heavy equipment. This ensures smooth mining operations and expanding renewable energy projects. The heavy equipment transport industry is crucial for supporting Colorado’s sustainable initiatives and renewable energy sector growth.


Hawaii, a beautiful tropical paradise, thrives on tourism. With its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, it attracts millions of visitors each year. In addition to tourism, other top industries, including defence, agriculture, commercial fishing, and manufacturing, uphold Hawaii’s economy.

All of these industries require heavy hauling experts to keep their businesses running and Hawaii’s economy going. 

  • Defence plays a crucial role due to the presence of US military bases and installations on the islands. 
  • Agriculture thrives with the cultivation of crops like pineapples and coffee. 
  • Fishing contributes to the local seafood industry, while manufacturing encompasses various sectors such as food processing and the production of goods. 

Together, these industries form the backbone of Hawaii’s economy, and trucking keeps them running. 


Idaho’s diverse economy encompasses agriculture, mining, forestry, and manufacturing industries. In Idaho, heavy equipment transport involves a wide range of machinery. This includes shipping agricultural machinery, such as tractors and harvesters. 

Idaho’s heavy equipment transport sector supports these vital industries. It contributes to the state’s overall economic growth and development.


Iowa is home to key industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and renewable energy. These industries rely on reliable heavy equipment transport services to keep their operations running smoothly. The transportation of agricultural machinery, including tractors and harvesters, is essential for supporting the state’s growing farming sector. 

Manufacturing equipment, such as assembly line machinery and robotic systems, also requires efficient transport to ensure smooth production. In Iowa, the renewable energy sector depends on transporting wind turbine components for clean and sustainable power generation. Transporting this machinery helps support the state’s reputation for wind energy production.


Kansas is well-known for its agriculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. Heavy equipment transport is crucial for shipping vital machinery to these sectors in Kansas, making the movement of heavy loads essential for the state’s economy. 

The most popular heavy loads include agricultural equipment for farming, drilling machines for oil and gas, and manufacturing machinery for factories. Transporting machines safely and on time is crucial for the industries in Kansas to run smoothly and grow.


Minnesota has a diverse economy that depends on heavy equipment transport. The state’s industries, such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and renewable energy, rely on this crucial service. For this reason, you’ll often see manufacturing machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, and wind turbine components on flatbeds driving down Minnesota highways on a regular basis. 

Transporting these goods is vital for supporting the state’s economy and industries. It ensures smooth operations across various sectors. Heavy equipment transport in Minnesota plays a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly. It helps maintain the state’s economy and supports these various industries. 


Missouri’s manufacturing industry is strong and needs dependable heavy equipment transport. Moving assembly line machinery, manufacturing equipment, and other heavy machinery is crucial for the sector’s growth and efficiency. The state relies on reliable services to transport these vital machines. 

By shipping heavy equipment, Missouri supports its thriving manufacturing sector, ensuring that assembly lines run smoothly. These transportation services play a vital role in maintaining the state’s manufacturing prowess, enabling businesses to operate effectively and contribute to the economy.


Montana’s economy relies on agriculture, mining, and forestry and heavy equipment transport in Montana moves machinery for these industries. Shipments of agricultural machinery, mining equipment, forestry machinery, and other necessary equipment require heavy haul transport and are vital for Montana’s economy. 

Farmers use machinery to cultivate crops and raise livestock. Miners rely on specialized equipment for extracting minerals. Forestry workers need machinery to manage and harvest timber. Without the transport of heavy equipment, these industries would face challenges in their operations. Heavy hauling plays a crucial role in supporting Montana’s economy and sustaining its agricultural, mining, and forestry sectors.


Nebraska depends on heavy equipment and transport services for its crucial industries, including: 

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation. 

These industries rely on the efficient transportation of agricultural machinery, manufacturing equipment, and oversized loads. 

Heavy equipment also plays a vital role in supporting Nebraska’s economy, ensuring that farms operate smoothly, factories produce goods, and those goods are delivered across the state. Whether it’s moving tractors, industrial machinery, or large shipments, the transportation services in Nebraska facilitate the smooth functioning of these key industries.


Nevada has a varied economy with mining, tourism, and construction industries. Heavy equipment transport in Nevada means moving mining machinery, construction equipment, and other heavy machinery for these sectors. The state’s mining industry relies on specialized equipment for extracting valuable minerals from the ground. 

Meanwhile, Nevada’s thriving tourism sector requires the transportation of equipment used in hotels, entertainment venues, and outdoor recreational activities. The construction industry also contributes to the state’s economy, with heavy machinery transported to construction sites for building projects. Nevada’s economy benefits from the efficient transportation of heavy equipment supporting its key industries.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, important industries like oil and gas, mining, and agriculture need reliable heavy equipment transport. Moving mining machinery, oil and gas drilling gear, and agricultural equipment are crucial for these sectors to thrive. 

Efficient transport services play a vital role in supporting the state’s economy and ensuring these valuable industries can operate smoothly. Whether it’s digging for resources or cultivating crops, having the right equipment at the right time is essential for success in New Mexico’s diverse industries.

North Dakota

North Dakota relies on agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and transportation for its economy. In North Dakota, heavy equipment transport involves agricultural equipment, oil equipment, and manufacturing machinery. It also handles big loads for transportation needs. These industries play a crucial role in the state’s growth and development. 

With agriculture at its core, North Dakota supports the production of crops and livestock. Energy resources like oil and gas drive the economy forward, while manufacturing and transportation sectors contribute to job opportunities and economic stability. Heavy equipment transport keeps these industries running smoothly in North Dakota.


Oklahoma has thriving industries like oil, gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and aerospace. Companies in these industries move heavy equipment around, like oil drills, farm machines, and manufacturing equipment. These industries play a big role in Oklahoma’s economy because the oil and gas industry provides energy for the state and a large portion of the U.S.. 

The agriculture industry provides food and resources, while their manufacturing sectors create various products. Additionally, aerospace contributes to the technology, travel and advancement of Oklahoma and the U.S. Moving these machines is vital to keep everything running smoothly. Oklahoma’s diverse industries make it a significant state for heavy equipment transport.


Oregon’s economy has many different industries, such as technology, timber, farming, and manufacturing. When it comes to moving big machines, heavy equipment transport in Oregon is important. Some items that are frequently hauled in Oregon include logging equipment, farming machines, and manufacturing equipment. It’s essential to have a good system to move these things safely and efficiently.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s economy thrives on farming, tourism, manufacturing, and mining. Heavy equipment transport plays a vital role in supporting these industries. Agricultural machinery, construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and mining equipment are commonly shipped across the state. These essential machines contribute to the growth and development of South Dakota, ensuring the success of its diverse sectors.


Texas has a strong economy with several major industries. Oil and gas are at the forefront and typically associated with the state of Texas, but the state also supplies much of the country with tech and agricultural materials. 

These industries use heavy machinery such as oil rigs, farming equipment, and manufacturing machinery. Heavy haulers and oversized transport are essential in ensuring the continued growth of Texas’s economy.


Utah’s economy thrives on diverse industries like mining, tourism, technology, and manufacturing. When it comes to heavy equipment transport in Utah, a range of machinery needs to be shipped. This includes mining equipment used for excavation, exploration, and processing. 

Additionally, Utah’s popular tourist destinations require the transport of recreational vehicles like RVs and ATVs. The state’s growing technology sector necessitates the shipping of specialized equipment and components. Finally, the manufacturing industry relies on the transportation of machinery for production and assembly processes.


Washington is widely recognized for its thriving technology sector, as well as its significant presence in industries such as aerospace, agriculture, and manufacturing. When it comes to heavy equipment transport in Washington, a diverse range of machinery and components are frequently shipped. 

This includes computer hardware for the tech industry, aerospace components for aircraft production, agricultural machinery for farming operations, and manufacturing machinery for industrial processes. Additionally, the Port of Seattle, a major maritime gateway, plays a crucial role in facilitating the import and export of heavy equipment, further supporting Washington’s industries.

Heavy Transport in the Western States

Heavy equipment transport plays a vital role in supporting the diverse industries across the Western part of the United States. From Texas’ technology sector to Alaska’s resource-driven industries, each state relies on the efficient transportation of machinery. Trusted transport services are essential for the smooth operation and growth of these industries. 

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