5 Things to Know About Heavy Hauling in Utah


Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 19, 2023

Are you looking for heavy transport services in Utah? From oversized loads to heavy equipment transport, being prepared is vital. Understanding regulations, planning routes, and using the right equipment are all essential aspects of heavy hauling. 

This article will cover the five things to know about heavy hauling in Utah to help guide your journey. Whether it’s Salt Lake City or any part of the state, ensure a successful haul with a customer service-focused trucking company. Get ready for the top five tips for efficient and safe heavy transportation in the United States state of Utah.

1. Know Your Dimensions

When it comes to heavy hauling in Utah, knowing your dimensions is crucial. Whether you need heavy haul trucking, trailer transport, or flatbed trailers, understanding the size and weight of your load is essential. 

From super loads and oversized equipment, getting accurate measurements ensures proper planning. Once you know your dimensions, you’ll have a further understanding of the possible requirements you’ll need. For example, some oversized loads will need to arrange for pilot cars or escort vehicles to travel with them. 

2. Get Your Permits

When it comes to heavy transport in Utah, obtaining the necessary permits is a crucial step. Truck transport and heavy hauling of oversize loads in Utah require proper documentation. Ensure you have the correct permits from the Utah Department of Transportation

Whether you’re using a step-deck or a flat-deck trailer, compliance with regulations is essential. An experienced heavy haul driver can help guide you in the permit process and ensure a smooth heavy hauling experience in Utah.

3. Map Your Routes

Carefully planning your routes is of utmost importance when transporting heavy equipment in Utah. It’s essential to identify routes that offer wider lanes and fewer curves, as it can greatly benefit the transportation of oversized loads. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) provides valuable resources such as the Utah Trucking Guide and online mapping tools to assist in this process. 

Taking the time to map your routes in advance is crucial. It allows for a smoother and more efficient transportation process. By planning ahead, you minimize the chances of encountering unexpected obstacles during your heavy hauling journey. 

Mapping your routes helps you identify potential roadblocks or areas with weight and height restrictions, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to your route. This proactive approach ensures that your heavy haul in Utah goes as smoothly as possible, saving you time, effort, and potential delays.

4. Use the Right Equipment

Transporting heavy loads requires specialized equipment that can handle the weight and dimensions of your cargo. When selecting equipment for heavy hauling in Utah, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements of your load. 

This may include choosing the appropriate trailer, securing the load with the right straps and chains, and utilizing specialized equipment such as extendable trailers or multi-axle configurations. Working with an experienced heavy hauling company like Trusted Dispatch, which has a vast network of drivers across North America, ensures that you are matched with a driver who has the right equipment for your heavy haul.

5. Get a Professional Driver

Having a professional driver who is experienced in heavy hauling is vital to the success of your transportation project. Heavy hauls require specialized skills and knowledge to navigate safely and efficiently. 

A professional driver will be familiar with Utah’s road regulations, experienced in handling oversized loads, and equipped to overcome any challenges that may arise during the journey. Working with a reputable company like Trusted Dispatch ensures that you have access to qualified and experienced drivers who can handle your heavy haul with expertise and professionalism.

Utah Heavy Hauling

When it comes to heavy hauling in Utah, being well-prepared is essential to a successful transportation project. By knowing your dimensions, obtaining the necessary permits, mapping your routes, using the right equipment, and hiring a professional driver, you can ensure efficiency, safety, and compliance with regulations.

Trusted Dispatch, a customer service-focused trucking company with drivers across North America, can assist you with your heavy transport needs in Utah. For efficient and safe heavy hauling in Utah, remember to rely on trusted partners like Trusted Dispatch. Start your trucking journey today with a free, instant quote.

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