The Most Popular Heavy Equipment Transported by State: Part 2


Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 12, 2023

Welcome to the second installment of our two–part blog series that looks at the top industries by state and the heavy equipment each region needs to transport. Part one covered the western half of the country, while in part two, we’ll be looking at the eastern half of the country. 

We’ll delve into the primary industrial sectors of each state, uncovering the specific types of equipment commonly transported. Join us as we explore Maryland down to Florida and over to Alabama, and everywhere in between, unveiling the key industries and the remarkable machinery used in each sector.

Heavy Equipment Hauling in the Eastern U.S.

There are many vast and diverse industries in the United States. These industries rely on the transportation of heavy equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. Whether it’s towering cranes on construction sites, powerful machinery for mining, or specialized equipment for agricultural and manufacturing processes, the movement of these vital assets across state lines is crucial.

This article will shed light on the diverse range of industries that rely on heavy equipment hauling. From aerospace equipment in Connecticut to coal mining machinery in Kentucky, we will discuss heavy hauling throughout the eastern states. 

Whether you’re a curious reader interested in learning about the machinery behind the scenes or a business owner seeking insights into your industry’s transportation needs, this blog will provide valuable information. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of heavy equipment transport. 


Alabama’s construction industry is booming, with projects that span from new home builds to commercial infrastructure enhancements. In this state, heavy equipment we often see hauling down the road includes bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and backhoes. These powerful machines play a crucial role in shaping the landscape and bringing construction plans to life in Alabama.


Connecticut, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the East,” is home to a thriving aerospace industry. With a focus on super loads and full services, the state plays a vital role in transporting aircraft components. 

To support this industry, the transportation of aerospace equipment becomes crucial. Items in need of transportation include components like aircraft engines, fuselages, wings, avionics, and other specialized parts. Given the size and weight of these items, professional heavy haul drivers need to handle the logistics of shipping heavy-duty machinery.


Delaware’s agricultural sector plays a vital role in supplying food and resources to the state and beyond. This industry often requires the transportation of heavy machinery and equipment, including tractors, seeders and sprayers, and combine harvesters. Companies and farmers in the state of Delaware rely on efficient heavy-load transport to keep their operations running. 


Florida, renowned for its tourism industry, attracts millions of visitors each year. While heavy equipment transport may not be directly associated with tourism, it plays a crucial role behind the scenes. Heavy haulers and shipping solutions are needed to transport equipment like amusement park rides, stage setups, and convention center infrastructure. 

The state also has a thriving construction industry, from commercial projects to residential expansion; moving construction equipment between job sites is another sector that relies on heavy haul shipping. Professional heavy equipment transport companies provide the necessary shipping services to the top industries in Florida.


Georgia’s film industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. As a hotbed for movie production, there is a constant need for hauling heavy and oversize loads of equipment and materials for film sets. From cameras and lighting rigs, transporting this heavy equipment requires reliable truck transport and expertise in shipping heavy loads. 

Agriculture and manufacturing are also major industries in Georgia that use large, heavy machinery. When companies in these sectors need to move their equipment, they rely on heavy haul companies and experienced drivers. 


Illinois is a hub for the advanced manufacturing industry. Illinois has state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled workforce which helps put the state at the forefront of innovation and production. Illinois embraces cutting-edge technologies, including precision machining, 3D printing, robotics and automation. 

The heavy equipment transported in this industry includes advanced machinery like CNC machines, robotic arms, and automated assembly lines. These tools enable manufacturers to streamline processes, increase productivity, and deliver high-quality products. Illinois’s commitment to the advanced manufacturing sector ensures its continued growth and contribution to the state’s economy.


Indiana is a thriving state known for its robust pharmaceutical and medical device industry. This sector includes the production and distribution of various life-saving medications and cutting-edge medical devices. 

The transportation of this specialized equipment is crucial for the U.S. Many are considered heavy equipment, including pharmaceutical machinery, laboratory equipment, and advanced medical devices. Without heavy haulers, the needed medical equipment would not be easily accessed. 


Kentucky is known for its thriving coal mining industry. The transportation of heavy equipment plays a vital role in this sector. Machinery like continuous miners, shuttle cars, and conveyors are regularly transported to support the mining operations. These essential equipment pieces ensure the efficient extraction and processing of coal, contributing to Kentucky’s energy production and economy.


Louisiana, a state known for its natural resources, plays a significant role in the natural gas industry. With abundant reserves, Louisiana’s transportation needs revolve around equipment for drilling, pipelines, and refining. This industry relies on efficient transportation of the heavy-duty machinery required for exploration and extraction. 


Forestry, commercial fishing, and agriculture are the top heavy-duty industries in Maine that require the use of heavy equipment. From hauling logs and lumber to moving boats and farming equipment, the economy of Maine is kept moving by steady heavy hauling that supports these industries. 


Maryland is a significant centre for the biotechnology industry, but it also has large industrial sectors, including mining, agriculture, and commercial fishing. The machines used in mining activities and farming need the support of heavy haul experts to travel safely to their destinations. 


Massachusetts boasts a thriving engineering industry, fueling innovation and technological advancements. This sector requires the transportation of heavy equipment, including large machinery, construction vehicles, and specialized tools. Professional heavy haulers are essential to ensure the safe and efficient transport of these valuable assets. 


Michigan is a hub for the transportation equipment industry. This sector focuses on manufacturing vehicles like cars, trucks, and buses. Heavy equipment commonly hauled in Michigan includes assembly line machinery, robotic systems, and automotive components. Heavy haulers help ensure the smooth transportation of these essential items, supporting the growth and efficiency of the transportation equipment industry.


Mississippi has a thriving manufacturing industry that produces crucial goods like machinery, transportation equipment, and chemicals. Heavy equipment like industrial presses, CNC machines, and injection moulding equipment needs to be hauled to support this industry. The transportation of these heavy-duty machines is vital for manufacturing operations. Additionally, it contributes to the production of various products in the United States.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s tourism industry is a vital part of the state’s economy, and with that, construction is often happening to maintain and build new attractions and road maintenance. The movement of construction equipment within the state and other heavy machinery through the state are frequent sites on New Hampshires roadways. 

New Jersey

New Jersey is home to a thriving life sciences industry. This sector encompasses pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The state is also home to thriving farming, agriculture, and construction industries—which all require heavy hauling to keep business in motion.  

New York

New York’s construction industry is thriving, and one key piece of equipment often hauled is construction cranes. These tall and powerful machines play a vital role in building skyscrapers and infrastructure projects. They are transported to construction sites to help lift and move heavy materials, making construction in the state possible.

North Carolina

North Carolina has a thriving food processing and manufacturing industry. Heavy hauls tend to feature machinery and equipment that supports this sector as well as food shipments. The state is also home to hundreds of automotive manufacturing companies that require reliable heavy hauling services to transport their goods and equipment used in the factories. 


Ohio is known for its bustling factory production industry. This sector relies on the transportation of heavy equipment like assembly line machinery, stamping presses, and robotic systems. Hauling these essential machines plays a crucial role in supporting Ohio’s thriving manufacturing sector. 


Broadcasting and telecommunications are one of Pennsylvania’s top industries. Equipment that supports the telecommunications industry requires expert heavy hauling. Other industries, including agriculture and construction, will often use heavy hauling services to move machines from one job site to the next on Pennsylvania highways. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s agriculture industry is a leader in the state’s economy. The heavy equipment commonly hauled includes tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and processing machinery. These machines are essential for cultivating and harvesting crops, ensuring a thriving agricultural sector in Rhode Island.

South Carolina

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in South Carolina. Heavy machinery, such as assembly line robots, stamping presses, and paint booths, needs expert hands to transport them safely. These essential tools play a crucial role in the production of vehicles, driving the industry’s success.


Tennessee’s entertainment industry is an active spot for music, film, and television. Heavy equipment like stage lighting, sound systems, video gear, and production sets are frequently hauled on Tennesse highways. From concerts to movie sets, professional hauling services can help ensure the necessary equipment is transported safely. 

Other top industries in Tennessee that rely on heavy haul trucking to keep their industries thriving include forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. 


Vermont is home to a bustling forestry industry. The sector relies on heavy equipment to support its operations. This includes machinery like logging trucks, skidders, and chainsaws. These tools are used for tree harvesting, timber transportation, and processing. 

Hauling heavy equipment is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of Vermont’s forestry industry. This industry plays a vital role in sustainable forest management, wood production, and maintaining the state’s natural beauty.


Virginia has a major technology sector supporting its economy. The state is at the forefront of technological innovation, with large research institutions and companies. The transportation of high-tech equipment plays a crucial role in this sector. 

Virginia sees the shipping of advanced machinery, computer servers, networking equipment, and specialized components used in various technological applications. As the industry continues to grow, reliable and efficient transport services are essential to ensure the smooth operation and development of Virginia’s technology sector.

West Virginia

West Virginia is home to a growing chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical companies in the state produce a wide range of products, including plastics, fertilizers, and industrial chemicals. 

The transportation of equipment is essential for this sector’s growth. Heavy machinery like reactors, distillation towers, and storage tanks needs to be hauled to support the manufacturing processes. West Virginia’s chemical manufacturing industry relies on professional transporters to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of these vital equipment pieces.


Wisconsin, known for its dairy industry, is a major player in milk and cheese production. The state’s dairy farms rely on specialized equipment to ensure efficient operations. This equipment includes milking machines, feed mixers, and refrigeration units. 

Hauling heavy machinery is crucial to support the dairy industry’s growth and productivity. Without oversized transportation services, the Wisconsin dairy industry would plummet. 

Heavy Transport in the Eastern States

Each industry has unique transportation needs, from construction in Alabama to aerospace equipment in Connecticut. Heavy hauling is crucial in supporting these sectors and ensuring their growth and productivity. 

At Trusted Dispatch, we understand the importance of transporting equipment safely to help support these essential industries. If you’re shipping heavy equipment and require reliable and efficient transport services in the Eastern States, Trusted Dispatch is here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your heavy hauling needs, or get a free instant quote and experience the seamless transportation of your valuable assets.

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