5 Things to Know About Heavy Hauling in North Dakota

Written by Trusted Dispatch

July 6, 2023

There are many things to consider when looking for a heavy-haul trucking service in North Dakota. Does the driver have experience? Do you need permits to transport your haul? Can you get a driver in time for your schedule? Whether you need a short haul, a long haul, or need to farm equipment hauling over the North Dakota – Manitoba border, we’ve got some helpful tips to make your transport go smoothly.

Oversized Dimensions in North Dakota

Leaving the measurement of your equipment to the last minute is never a good idea. With heavy hauling, you need time to prepare for loading day. Knowing your dimensions is a necessary step before selecting a trailer and getting the appropriate permits for the trip.

In North Dakota, heavy hauling of oversize loads requires a permit. While there are some exceptions for certain types of machinery and reasons for transport, the general restrictions for load dimensions are as follows:

  • Maximum height: 14’
  • Maximum width: 8’6”
  • Maximum length: 50” for a single unit

You can find more details on the restrictions for North Dakota on the state website, as length maximums vary depending on how many trailers or boxes a truck is hauling.

Heavy Haul Weight Restrictions in North Dakota

Knowing the weight of your load when shipping heavy equipment is also important. Lowboy trailers can accommodate extreme weights when equipped with the right number of axles. Drivers need to know in advance so they can arrive prepared. In North Dakota, the maximum weight allowed on a tandem axle is 40,000 lbs and for a single axle, it’s 22,000 lbs when the gross vehicle weight or GVW is more than 150,000 lbs. 

Getting a Heavy Haul Permit in North Dakota

Using the right equipment to haul your heavy machinery is essential for safety in regard to the equipment, the load, the road infrastructure, and the people hauling and travelling the roads. You or your driver will be expected to obtain a permit to transport your overweight load before transport. You can get permits for loads that exceed the maximum road weights in North Dakota online. 

Selecting the Right Trailer for a Heavy Haul

The size of the load will determine which trailer you need for the journey. Heavy machinery is frequently categorized as oversized due to its height, length, width, weight or combination. Flatbed trailers that are lowboys or step decks are ideal for tall loads. Adding extra axles or a jeep to make the transport easier is recommended for loads that weigh in over the limits. 

Not selecting the right trailer combination can result in damage to the trailer, truck, and load. Failing to use the right trailer will also pose a safety hazard during the trip and can harm infrastructure along the way. Working with a knowledgeable and trustworthy driver will help ensure you have the right equipment. You can always ask them to confirm their process to boost your peace of mind. 

Where to Find Professional Heavy Haul Drivers in North Dakota

Heavy hauling can be a breeze when you have your own truck and trailer, but not everyone has access to such equipment. Others that do have the trucks don’t always have time or the capacity to meet all their transport needs. In those cases finding a professional heavy haul driver can be a challenge. You might know someone you could hire or have connections to find the right person. In the cases where you don’t, using a trusted load board will dramatically increase your odds of getting an experienced driver during the time window you’re aiming for. 

What to Look for in a Heavy Haul Driver

Heavy equipment in all industries is valuable, not just because of the size of the machines but the technology integrated into the hardware and the purpose they serve. You don’t want just any driver picking up your expensive equipment. You want someone who is experienced, knows how to load and unload your equipment safely, and inspires trust that they’ll transport your load safely, following all regulations and delivering on schedule. 

Here are some tips to look for when hiring a heavy haul driver:

  • Find someone who is responsive and answers your phone calls.
  • Use a load board to find a fair, competitive rate. 
  • Ask about their experience and how often they haul heavy equipment.
  • Confirm that they’ll request the right permits if you have an oversize load. 

Heavy Haul Transport in the State of North Dakota

When you need heavy truck transport from Fargo, North Dakota or anywhere in the United States or Canada, we have a network of professional heavy haul drivers ready to help. Get started today with an instant, free quote for your heavy equipment transport.

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