Tips for Heavy Hauling in Texas

Written by Trusted Dispatch

July 27, 2023

With more than 79,000 miles of state highways, interstate highways, and rural roads, the Texas Department of Transportation manages more miles of roadway than any other state in America. These roads support transporting goods, supplies, and equipment for many of the state’s thriving sectors, including agriculture, construction, mining, biotech, and complex manufacturing. 

Top Heavy Hauling Tips

Road safety should be a priority for all vehicles on the road, no matter their destination or purpose. With heavy hauling, safety is extremely important due to the size and scale of a load. There isn’t any room to get the dimensions wrong or to cut corners on mandatory regulations; otherwise, the driver, the public, and the infrastructure are put at risk. 

If you’re a customer new to heavy hauling, you may not be aware of the strict rules in place for large, heavy shipments. There are limitations on how wide, tall, long, and heavy a load can be before a special permit is required. These rules keep our roads safe from wear and tear as well as keep other traffic safe when large loads are on the road.

Here are some helpful tips for anyone preparing to ship or haul a heavy load in Texas. 

Tip #1: Make Safety a Priority

It may be tempting to prioritize time or budget for a heavy haul, but failing to value safety can lead to more expenses in the long run. For instance, failing to secure a piece of heavy equipment could cause it to shift during transport, risking an accident for the driver. A heavy load that is not adequately secured could also fall off the trailer while in motion or during the unloading portion. Either scenario could cause damage to the machine and unwanted expenses to fix it. The worst-case scenario could lead to fines or an accident—and no one wants that! 

Tip #2: Measure Carefully

Before loading any machinery, equipment, or large cargo onto a trailer, taking measurements is essential. You must determine the length and width of the load to choose the right trailer for transport. Knowing the weight is also important. Different trailers are capable of supporting different weight and size ranges. Not picking the right trailer for the load can result in damage to both the trailer and the load. 

The height is another important measurement to take. Certain routes will have height restrictions due to powerlines, bridges, overpasses, or tunnels. When you have tall equipment, such as an excavator, you’ll want a lowboy trailer that keeps the load closer to the ground for maximum clearance. 

Tip #3: Follow the State Rules

This tip should go without saying, but it is useful to remind anyone new to heavy hauling or who doesn’t have much experience that there are rules for heavy hauling that are different from regular traffic. Oversize loads will have specific limitations for when they can haul their large loads on certain routes. Not obeying these rules can increase the risk of accidents in heavy traffic as well as cause damage to roadways not built to accommodate the weight of large loads. 

You can find everything you need to know about the laws regarding oversize and overweight trucking limits on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website. From there, you’ll know when to apply for a permit for your shipment. 

Tip #4: Hire an Experienced Professional

Hiring an experienced professional for your heavy hauling needs can save you stress with your shipment because you’ll know they have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to haul your load on schedule and according to the rules. You can also have confidence that your shipment is secure during transit and will arrive in good condition. 

Professional Heavy Haul Transport in Texas

When you need professional heavy equipment transport in Texas, try our free, Trusted Dispatch load board. Start by getting your free, instant quote for your load, then post it to the load board for an experienced driver near you to find and claim. Our network of licensed and vetted professional drivers is ready to haul whatever you need. 

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