Tips for Heavy Haul Transport in Montana

Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 8, 2023

Known for its abundance of mountains, national parks, and mineral mines, Montana is dubbed “The Treasure State” for good reason. The state has ample resources and opportunities to make a living. With that comes many possibilities to do so, including hauling heavy goods and materials. Below are several tips if you’re planning on transporting a heavy load in Montana.

Research Your Dimensions 

Montana is a popular state for heavy haul trucking year-round. However, anyone interested in the industry needs to be familiar with the dimension regulations. Before obtaining your permits, you must know the measurements of your load, as it is subject to state guidelines. 

The Montana Department of Transporation defines its legal load limits as described here:

  • Length: 75′ (Dependant on the trailer)
  • Width: 8’6″
  • Height: 14′

Any heavy cargo that is over those limits requires a special oversize permit. You’ll need to apply for your permit for an oversized haul through the state of Montana before transport can begin. 

If you’re unsure of the dimensions of your equipment, look no further. Trusted Dispatch has a powerful Specs Tool with over 60,000 pieces of machinery, so you can quickly identify the measurements of your load.

Know the Approximate Weight 

Also defined by the Montana Department of Transportation are the designated weight limits for overweight load limits:

  • Weight: 80,000 gross pounds
    • Single Axle – 20,000
    • Tandem Axle – 34,000
    • Tridem Axle – Dependent on the weight table 

No single axle is permitted to carry an excess weight of over 20,000 pounds without an overweight permit. Furthermore, no tandem axle is to exceed 34,00 pounds. 

Pull Your Permits or Ensure Your Driver Does

Montana oversize permits are typically only valid for three to five days, so it’s essential that you plan your trip and secure your permits ahead of time. Furthermore, you must obtain applicable permits for every state you intend to travel to, as different states may have load limits and regulations to follow. Depending on the cargo, some states may also require additional safety procedures such as escort vehicles, signs, flags, and lights. 

Map Your Route Options

Mapping your trip ahead of time is key for success in the heavy hauling industry. By doing so, you can identify possible threats, such as low bridges and construction. Planning your route also means greater cost-effectiveness through lower fuel consumption and accommodations. You’ll be able to get your cargo to your destination quicker and more safely.  

A Bid-Route System can be found on the Montana government website, so you can assess your route options prior to ordering your permits. Simply plug in load dimensions and weight and add in your start and end address for the trip. 

Use the Right Truck and Trailer

Heavy haul transport must use the correct vehicles and equipment for your trip to keep your load safe. There are various trucks to choose from, according to your needs. Mid-roof and raised-roof sleeper trucks are helpful for longer, multi-day trips as they usually contain a sleeping compartment and more storage space. If you’re planning on driving in predominantly rural areas, you may instead opt for a slope-nosed truck which endures bumpy, uneven roads best. 

The trailer you choose to use will depend on the dimensions and weight of the load. For example, if you want to transport taller equipment, such as bulldozers and large tractors or excavators, you may choose a double-drop trailer that has very low cargo beds. 

Hire a Professional Driver 

Professional drivers have extensive operational and safety knowledge about transporting heavy loads. They are required to undergo training and obtain certifications before going on the road. Professional drivers must also have their own robust insurance. By hiring an experienced driver, you are helping keep your cargo safe throughout transportation and mitigating risk. 

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Your Trusted Heavy Hauler In Montana 

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