How Do You Transport a Feller Buncher?

How Do You Transport a Feller Buncher?

A feller buncher is an extremely large piece of forestry equipment with a powerful attachment that can rapidly gather and cut a tree before felling it. Although they come in various sizes, some of the largest feller bunchers can weigh as much as 81,000 pounds. In many provinces, the weight of a feller buncher may be considered an oversized load and have special requirements for transportation.

Where Do Feller Bunchers Work Best?

Feller bunchers are commonly used in forests with rough terrain and steeper slopes. They are designed to move on large tracks, which provide excellent traction, stability, and support that is vital when working on uneven surfaces. 

Where To Buy Feller Bunchers

The top manufacturers of feller bunchers in Canada include Tigercat, John Deere, Eltec, and Komatsu. These models of machines can be purchased from the dealer or, alternatively, online heavy equipment auctions. Auction companies, such as Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, provide an alternative option to secure high-quality used equipment at a more reasonable price. 

Preparing Your Machine for Transport

Whether you’ve purchased a track feller buncher from a dealer or online auction and need to transport it to your worksite or simply need to haul your equipment from one job site to another, you will need the services of a heavy haul trucking company to safely transport your machine

Get the Right Trailer

Choosing the right trailer to transport your machine is important as it must be able to properly accommodate the heavy weight and size of the equipment. With taller loads, care must also be taken to observe height restrictions that affect the ability to transport your load safely. In this case, a trailer that is low to the ground is more suitable to accommodate the height dimension. 

Removable gooseneck trailers are typically used to move feller bunchers, and sometimes require booster or jeep additional axles to accommodate the weight. Your driver will assess the trailer requirements based on the exact weight and dimensions of the machine that you provide.  

Find an Experienced Driver

It is important that heavy equipment is transported using the services of a professional heavy haul driver. Professional drivers have the expertise to haul a wide variety of heavy equipment and also have the proper tools to do so. 

They are also cargo insured which is important in case of an accident or unexpected problem that causes damage to your equipment.  

The driver must know how to properly load and unload the equipment and secure it according to federal and provincial securement rules. They must also use specific chains and adjustable straps with specific grades and weights designed to safely hold the equipment in place. 

Where oversized loads are concerned, a driver must also secure the appropriate permits and adhere to safety rules for transporting oversized loads on public roadways. These include the use of pilot cars, displaying special flags and signage, and time restrictions for travel. 

An experienced driver understands these rules and has the knowledge to deliver your equipment safely to its destination. 

Get a Free, Instant Quote

Use the Trusted Dispatch calculator tool to get an instant free quote. Simply enter three pieces of information.

  • The pick-up location
  • The drop-off location
  • The weight and dimensions of the equipment

If you are not sure of the specs of your machine, use our powerful Specs Tool, which holds information for over 60,000 pieces of heavy equipment. Just enter the make and model of your equipment to get your specs. 

Use a Load Board

Use our load board to connect with a driver. Once you have received your free quote, publish your load to our load board. Add any relevant information and post photos of the machine so your driver can understand what will be required to do the job.

Once posted, most loads are claimed by a driver within 24 to 48 hours so check your email or the Trusted Dispatch app regularly to connect with a driver. Trusted Dispatch has a network of professional heavy haul drivers who are located across Canada and the United States, making it easy to transport your machinery anywhere in North America.

Prepare the Equipment Before the Driver Arrives

There are several things you can do to ensure an easy pick-up when your driver arrives:

  • Wash the equipment so that you can assess for any damage prior to shipping. A clean machine also makes it easier for your driver to locate the tie-down points.
  • Remove any personal belongings from inside the cab. 
  • Secure the windows and doors of the cab 
  • Provide an even surface to safely load and unload the equipment

Feller Buncher Transport and Other Logging Equipment

If you are looking to book the services of a heavy-haul shipping company to transport your forestry equipment, Trusted Dispatch has you covered. We offer instant quotes, expert drivers, and big cost savings thanks to our leading-edge technology and a new approach to transportation services. Get started with your free quote now.

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