7 Tips for Heavy Haul Transport in Ontario

Written by Trusted Dispatch

December 15, 2022

7 Tips for Heavy Haul Transport in Ontario

When it comes to rules and regulations for heavy haul transport, there is some variation between provinces. If you’re planning to ship heavy equipment across Canada, you’ll need to abide by the laws and regulations of the road in whichever provinces you travel through. 

Although rules between provinces might be slightly different, the basics of heavy haul shipping are still the same. In this article, we’ll give you our top seven tips for heavy haul transport in Ontario.

1. Get a Professional Driver

Safety should always be your number one priority. As such, the only people transporting heavy goods should be professional, experienced drivers. Experience is needed to make the process go smoothly; if an inexperienced driver attempts to haul a heavy load, it could be disastrous.

Trusted Dispatch works with a large network of professional heavy-load drivers. When you choose us for your heavy haul transport in Ontario, we’ll connect you with an expert driver who can safely and efficiently transport your machinery to the necessary location. 

2. Start With a Free Quote

Unsure what your heavy haul transport will entail? Start with a free quote! With a quote, you’ll get a sense of how much transportation services will cost for your specific machine and destination.

Trusted Dispatch offers free, instant quotes to anyone interested in our transportation services. Our quote system uses an easy three-step process:

  1. Enter the pick-up location
  2. Enter the drop-off location
  3. Enter the dimensions of your shipment (width, height, length, and weight)

3. Keep Your Shipping Dates Flexible

Whenever you plan on shipping a heavy load, be sure to prepare well in advance. Your shipping dates should remain flexible–it will be difficult to find a driver if you only have a short timespan to ship the machinery. Instead, leave some wiggle room to find a driver!

Keep in mind that if you have an oversized load, you may also need some extra time to accommodate the restrictions it necessitates. Shipping an oversized load often takes longer due to the extra route planning necessary. Your driver might also need to take a longer, alternate route to the destination if the fastest route does not accommodate oversized loads.

4. Include Photos of Your Equipment

Photos are the most effective way to help your driver prepare for the shipment. With a photo, a driver can get a good look at your machine. From there, they can determine how they should tie the equipment down and how they can load it with other equipment they might be hauling.

 When you post a load with Trusted Dispatch, you’ll be given the opportunity to post a photo alongside it. We highly recommend posting a photo with your load–not only is it helpful for drivers, but it will also get your load accepted more quickly.

5. Prepare Your Machine

You’ll need to prepare your machine before your driver picks it up. The first task is to clean the equipment as best you can. Don’t worry about getting it spotless, but spend some time cleaning it up.

Next, you’ll want to inspect the machine for any damage prior to shipping. Take detailed pictures of the machine and pre-existing damage. This way, you’ll be able to identify whether the damage was there before shipping or if it was incurred during the transportation process. Last but not least, remove any personal items from the machine.

6. Communicate With Your Driver

Communication is key! You can interact with your driver as much or as little as you like, but we highly recommend you keep an open line of communication. At the very least, contact your driver as soon as they have picked up your load. 

Be sure to inform them of any changes, such as alterations to the pick-up or drop-off locations. You should also notify them of landmarks for pick-ups and drop-offs, especially on the pick-up and drop-off days.

7. Have the Machine Ready

Having your machine ready before the pick-up time is an absolute must. Not only is it far more convenient for everyone involved, but it also shows that you respect your driver and their time. If you’re unprepared, you’ll be using valuable time that the driver could be spending on the road.

The first step in having your machine ready for a pick-up is to have it in the right location. This location must be communicated to your driver beforehand, and it should be a large, flat area to make loading easier and safer. You’ll also want to fill up the necessary fluids and ensure the machine starts–especially if you’re shipping equipment during the winter.

Heavy Haul Shipments in North America

Trusted Dispatch is your reliable shipping company for heavy machinery in Ontario and across North America. Here at Trusted Dispatch, we value expertise, professionalism, safety, and reliability to provide high-quality services to all of our clients. Get started by getting your free, instant quote today.

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