5 Mistakes to Avoid With Heavy Equipment Hauling in Ontario


Written by Trusted Dispatch

December 5, 2022

5 Mistakes to Avoid With Heavy Equipment Hauling in Ontario

Heavy haul trucking can be a complex, lengthy, and tedious process. Often the first hurdle to manage is the varying rules and regulations on heavy equipment haulers in North America. Each province/state will have their own rules to follow.

Some restrictions are specific to the defined zone, and some encompass the entire state or province. Typically these rules will determine the size your load needs to be to consider it a heavy or a wide load. Additionally, these restrictions will confirm if there is a need for a pilot or follow car. 

Ontario has its own set of regulations, and it is crucial to plan ahead carefully to avoid any issues and ensure the equipment is ready for safe transport services. If transporting across provinces, such as Ontario to Alberta, you and your driver should know the various rules. With the oversized loads covered by regulations, there are other mistakes that may occur that one can plan ahead for with preparation and expert support.

These tips can apply anywhere in Canada and help avoid major mistakes that might cost equipment transportation valuable time and money. 

1. Running Out of Time

Heavy equipment moving takes time and care. If this process is rushed, it may cause minor issues to be overlooked that can be costly in the long term. Additionally, finding the right driver takes time, as it is essential to find one with the correct equipment to move your heavy load.

In certain situations where urgent transport can happen, it typically requires increased transportation fees and a skilled driver. 

2. Parking On Uneven Ground

It is beneficial to have your equipment parked on level ground. It is essential for safely loading your equipment onto the trailer, as uneven ground can cause issues or potentially increase the time to move heavy equipment. 

During the winter, snow removal is critical for smooth transportation, including all surrounding areas of your equipment. During the spring season, it is favourable to avoid any wet areas, as this can raise the chance of accidents or issues. 

3. Not Keeping Your Driver Informed

Communication is essential for most things in life, and this includes any kind of hauling service. It is important to keep your driver informed of any changes or issues: including schedule changes, equipment problems, or accessibility issues. Your driver needs to be aware of any changes or complications.

Is it possible for constant and instantaneous communication with your driver? Luckily, Trusted has the solution. With Trusted Dispatch’s app, you can message your driver, share photos, and contact them immediately with any present issues. Trusted Dispatch knows how crucial clear, precise and timely communication is, and our app can help deliver on all those fronts. 

4. Not Including Attachments or Implements in Your Load Description

Depending on the equipment, including attachments or implements, your equipment may require extra services. The added weight of particular attachments can require additional axles on the trailer and must be accounted for before pick up. If your load requires additional implements, this may change the type of trailer a driver uses and needs to be addressed before loading. 

To avoid these issues, including all items in the description or directly communicating this with your driver will prepare them for correct transportation. 

5. Not Checking the App

As said previously, communication is essential for a smooth transport process. A part of that is checking the app regularly for any updates from your driver. 

Not using the app may cause you to miss a driver who has accepted your request. Typically it can take a day or two for a driver to claim a shipment. If the driver has not heard from you, you may miss the window of time to schedule that driver for your haul. 

Ensuring you take time out of your day for regular check-ins can help prevent this from happening. Checking the app regularly can improve communication with your driver and ensure you don’t miss any essential updates or issues along the way. 

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Ontario

Equipment hauling services can be done painlessly by avoiding these common issues. Luckily, you won’t have to do it alone. Trusted Dispatch is here to help you find an available driver to haul your equipment. Contact us today with any questions, or get a free quote to start your heavy haul transportation on the right foot.

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