What to Look for In a Heavy Haul Truck Company in Alberta

Written by Trusted Dispatch

December 28, 2022

What to Look for In a Heavy Haul Truck Company in Alberta

You just bought a new excavator, and now you need it shipped to you from the other side of the country. Or, maybe you’re Canadian, and the new tractor you just bought is in the United States. How do you go about searching for a heavy-haul trucking company to deliver your equipment to you? 

Not all trucking companies are created equal. In many cases, searching for the right heavy haul service can be a hassle. You have to get a quote, know the dimensions of your equipment, and ensure that the truck driver is experienced. With the overwhelming amount of options out there, it’s essential to have a method of finding the right fit for your heavy haul. Below are some things to consider when searching for the right trucking company for your needs. 

Are They Responsive?

Nothing is worse than trying to get a hold of a company only to be met with an automated message. Communication with truckers should be straightforward and efficient. That’s why Trusted Dispatch simplifies the process by helping customers find reliable, experienced drivers at fair rates for heavy hauls. We have a messaging system that allows shippers to communicate directly with truckers in the form of a text message, an email or an instant notification on the app. Shippers can instantly chat with truckers in real-time to communicate any necessary information related to the load by using the chat function on the website or app. Trusted Dispatch is also available for regular hours through phone or email if those better suit your needs. 

Are Their Drivers Professional?

Drivers are the most important factor in choosing between heavy-haul trucking companies. They are the ones that you depend on to transport your oversize loads in a safe and timely manner. You want to look for a trucking company where truck drivers are vetted, insured, and experienced.  

At Trusted Dispatch, all of our drivers are evaluated through a vetting process to ensure they are qualified and capable. The drivers we are looking for have their own equipment and experience transporting heavy loads, and they are also required to have their own cargo insurance. For your own peace of mind, you can even review a driver who accepts your load before confirming your shipment. If you are ever in a situation where you’d prefer a different driver, you may do so with a simple click of a button. 

How Far Do They Haul?

A good heavy-haul trucking company should offer both short and long-haul options. If you have a short haul, a local shipper might best suit your needs as it takes less travel time. Trusted Dispatch has an online system where all loads are posted with their destinations and specs, and truckers choose from the jobs available that match their routes and ability.  

Suppose you need to transport your load across Canada, or between B.C. and Alberta. In that case, your ideal heavy haul trucking company must research each province’s weather, terrain, and heavy haul transport regulations. You’ll want to find a trucking company that offers long hauls across Canada and has experienced, vetted drivers that know the roads and regulations well. 

Can They Transport Over the Border?

Most trucking companies in North America can transport between Canada and the United States. This means that the drivers should be experienced and knowledgeable about cross-border shipping. 

Trusted Dispatch simplifies the process by offering advice on paperwork and providing a guide on Customs Brokers

Why Trusted Dispatch Leads in Heavy Hauling in Canada

Trusted Dispatch simplifies the process of heavy hauling by helping customers find reliable, experienced drivers at fair rates. On the app, all you have to do is follow a straightforward three-step process:

  1. Enter the pick-up location.
  2. Enter the drop-off location.
  3. Enter the specs of your equipment and receive an instant free quote.

If you aren’t sure about the dimensions of your machine, Trusted Dispatch has a powerful Specs Tool with over 60,000 makes and models of equipment pre-loaded. Enter your machine’s make and model, and the tool will load the closest match. 

Heavy Haul Truck Companies in Canada

If you need a heavy haul trucking company with quality drivers and seamless cross-border service, Trusted Dispatch can get it done. Not only is our app quick and easy to use, but you can also trust that our drivers are vetted and reliable. Using our services, you can help drivers find guaranteed additional loads to fill empty trailers, help customers who need heavy haul services, and make additional income. Get started with your free quote for your heavy haul shipment!

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