Top Reasons to Use a Load Board in Your Logistics System


Written by Trusted Dispatch

July 24, 2023

There is a higher demand for professional truckers than ever today. With the increased demand for fast shipping times and the rapidly expanding online marketplace, more goods are distributed worldwide than ever before. This means that truckers have their pick of jobs, which can lead to frequent turnover rates for shipping companies.  

If you’re a heavy haul transport company or a commercial company with a trucking division, you might frequently find yourself in the position of having more loads to ship than you have drivers and trucks available. It doesn’t mean there aren’t qualified and experienced drivers out there that can help; you just have no way of connecting with them for a short-term contract or on-demand service. When your turnover is high, or you’ve landed more work than you have drivers for, working with a trusted load board can help you solve your shortage. 

How a Load Board Works

A load board is a digital platform that brings together customers who need to ship things and qualified, available drivers who can agree to the job. At Trusted Dispatch, we specialize in large, heavy shipments including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Construction equipment and supplies
  • Mining equipment and machinery
  • Oil & gas machinery and supplies
  • Agricultural equipment and implements
  • Large vehicle transport
  • Industrial equipment 

You need to be moved if you have a large and/or heavy load; our experienced drivers are equipped to help. 

Who Can Benefit from Using a Load Board?

While load boards work great for individual customers, farmers, and small businesses, there are plenty of ways other companies can benefit from the connections load boards create. The following are a few examples of businesses and organizations that could use a load board to make their logistics more efficient:

  • Independent farmers
  • Small- to mid-scale farming operations
  • Agricultural equipment dealers
  • Construction machinery dealers
  • Heavy machinery and tools rental companies
  • Small- to mid-sized construction companies
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Mining companies and operations
  • Manufacturers
  • Green-technology manufacturers
  • Automotive manufacturers

If your company needs large, heavy loads hauled on a regular basis, you could benefit from using a load board to supplement your needs or be your go-to solution as a primary hauler.  

Fill Your Additional Transport Needs

When your company has regular shipment demands, you can dependably predict how many drivers and trucks you need to employ to fill those demands. As you grow or develop new partnerships, you may find your team overstretched. While you’re developing a hiring strategy to fill the gaps, you can rely on a dependable load board for additional drivers. 

Hundreds of certified, independent owner-operators with their own trucks and trailers use load boards to find extra work between their regular routes. Your business can find the qualified, experienced drivers you need to haul your loads without having to worry about hiring, training, or providing the equipment. Not all load boards are created equal—you’ll want to do your own research to find one that vets its driver and prioritizes safety and fair rates for everyone involved. 

Supplement Your Existing Dispatch Team

Using a load board to supplement your existing dispatch team helps take the pressure off your full-time drivers, especially in times of high driver turnover. The primary benefit of a load board is you can post the jobs you need help with and find available drivers who are fully trained and equipped to help. 

At Trusted Dispatch, our load board does a great job of bringing the right driver to the right load, but we also have an exceptional support team ready to help make connections happen when needed. If you have special requirements, just call our team during office hours, and we’ll help communicate your needs to our network of drivers

Reliable Shipping Support When You Need It

It’s impossible to predict when you’ll be short logistics support for your heavy haul needs, and this is where having a load board at your fingertips is most useful. With a load board, you have the freedom to post a job as it’s available. You also have flexible driver coverage, so you’re not waiting for when a particular driver is available. Using Trusted Dispatch gives you the option to request certain drivers you know have the equipment for your type of load, and you always have the flexibility to work with the first driver available. 

Your Reliable Heavy Haulers in Canada and the United States

You can count on Trusted Dispatch for your heavy haul shipments in North America. Our network of experienced, qualified drivers is ready to claim your shipment and get on the road. Try it today with a free, instant quote on your load.

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