How to Prepare Your Construction Equipment for Winter Shipping

How to Prepare Your Construction Equipment for Winter Shipping

Winter weather can be unpredictable, with freezing rain, blizzard conditions, and frigid temperatures. Heavy haul driving is affected directly by the weather. When visibility is low and roads are slick or impassable, it can affect a scheduled heavy haul shipment. 

Unpredictable road conditions can be an issue at any time of year, but there are certain problems winter transport creates. One prevalent issue is how the cold temperatures in North America can impact your machine’s ability to function. When transporting any construction equipment, specific preparation is required. How can you properly prepare your equipment for winter shipping? We’re sharing some helpful tips for keeping your equipment and driver safe. 

Preparing Your Machine for Winter Transport

There are many types of preparations to do beforehand to help your driver arrive at their destination on time. Heavy haul transportation services can function efficiently in the winter with these preparations. 

Clear the Area From Snow

A clear path to your machine will make it easier for pick-up. Start by clearing any obstructions, including snow leading up to and around your equipment. If there is any snow surrounding the machine and its attachments, it needs to be cleared away. You will also need all tie-down areas and other points to be clear of snow before pick-up time. 

Fill Up All Fluids

Filling up all your fluids before transportation will ensure your machinery is ready to use as soon as it is delivered. Another reason to fill up before your transport is to ensure your machine can move on and off the truck bed without issues. 

What fluids should you fill up beforehand? 

  1. Fuel – Whether it is gasoline or diesel, your tank needs to be full.
  2. Hydraulic fluids – If any parts of your machine need to move during transportation, you will need your hydraulic fluids filled for this function. 
  3. Oil – Any driving or movement of the machine will need your oil changed and full. 

Keep Engine Ready

There are several things you can do to keep your engine ready. To start:

  1. Plug in your machine on extremely cold days/nights to keep the engine warm.
  2. If your engine is diesel, use an oil pan heater to keep your engine warm.
  3. If there are issues with starting your engine, consult your manual to solve this problem.

It’s crucial to keep your driver up to date on any troubles your machine may be experiencing before transport. 

Mark Your Location Clearly

Clearing snow is the first step to making your location visible. If your pick-up is hard to locate, it will take your driver longer to start their journey. You can help your driver find you faster by ensuring there are markers are the entrance to your property or driveway. You’ll also want to clear the snow surrounding your machine to allow room to move during the loading. Clearing the way to your equipment with markings will increase efficiency for your pick-up time. 

Communicate with Your Driver

Communication with your driver is a must when transporting construction equipment. What is the best way to communicate with your truck driver? 

Trusted Dispatch creates a direct route of communication with your driver through our app. If any issues arise during transportation, you have direct access to your driver with the Trusted Dispatch app. Another fantastic feature is the ability to inform your driver of any updates or any concerns you have before and during transportation. 

On pick-up day, you can speak with the driver through the app, but typically most drivers will call you directly. With the Trusted Dispatch app, you can update your driver with any issues before pick-up or any added knowledge they may need. 

Construction Equipment Shipping in Alberta 

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