How to Find Heavy Machinery Transport in the Lower Mainland


Written by Trusted Dispatch

January 12, 2023

How to Find Heavy Machinery Transport in the Lower Mainland

The Lower Mainland in British Columbia is one of the most populated areas in Canada, which means a lot of development activity is also happening. This region sees all types of machinery/equipment transported on its roads, especially construction equipment. However, with population density also comes unique challenges when transporting heavy pieces of equipment. It can be difficult to haul equipment through busy highways and urban centres without experience. Finding a trucking company with drivers who have the expertise is essential for the safety not only of your equipment but for the driver and the public as well. 

Next to construction, agriculture and forestry are two other industries that are active in B.C. and require heavy equipment moved from place to place. When machines for these industries require transport, they need drivers who are knowledgeable and can navigate busy highways, mountain passes, and sometimes even forestry roads. 

What to Consider in Machinery Transport in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

There are several aspects to consider when hauling heavy equipment, and it can feel overwhelming to know what transport service is the best. With hundreds of heavy-haul registered trucking companies in B.C. alone, how can you find the right transport services for your needs? This article discusses what to look for in a heavy equipment transport company.

Experienced, Professional Drivers Are Essential

The Fraser Valley has various driving conditions, from seasonal weather changes to high-congestion times, to changing terrain, depending on the route. Due to elevation and weather changes, some of these roads can go through several conditions in one day, from ice to rain and even snow. An experienced driver will be well-equipped to handle changing road conditions and have the ability to adapt to each situation.

In addition to changing road conditions, your truck driver must have experience driving through areas with steep grades. A driver should be aware of the grade signs, know how to read them, and how to set their speed to accommodate them. 

The ability to adapt to the environment, whether it be grade changes or different weather conditions, comes from experience and knowledge. Finding heavy haul transport services that account for these difficulties and who have capable drivers is essential for safe delivery.

Cross-Border Shipping for Heavy Equipment

When looking for  heavy equipment in B.C., there are many places within the province to search; however, there are also manyused instances where cross-border shipping may be the ideal option instead of shipping within Canada. In some situations, companies or farmers can find a better deal for machines south of the border in Washington or Montana. A similar piece of equipment coming from Ontario or Quebec could be cheaper and more straightforward to haul from the United States. 

When shipping cross-border, there are rules and regulations that are important to follow. Several documents need to be filled out and ready for the cross-border inspection. If these guidelines are not followed, it may cause extra charges or delays in your delivery. If the thought of cross-border shipping feels overwhelming, there are solutions. 

The first step is to contact a customs broker, as they can simplify the travel process. A customs broker can help guide you through each step of the shipping process. They can inform you of what documents to fill out and the best times to ship across the country. 

Secondly, using Trusted Dispatch can help keep you a step ahead with your trucking needs. Our app will connect you with a qualified, professional driver who can haul your heavy load. 

Qualities of a Reliable Heavy Equipment Moving Company

What qualities are top of the list when looking for a reliable, hassle-free transportation company? 

1. Safety 

Safety is the highest priority for your equipment and the driver. Trusted Dispatch puts safety first by only working with experienced drivers. 

2. Experience

Experience is essential and goes hand in hand with the safety of your machinery. For these reasons, Trusted Dispatch works with vetted, professional heavy haulers. 

3. Dedication to Customers 

Communication is crucial when transporting equipment. With the Trusted Dispatch app, there is direct communication with the truck driver. 

Heavy Equipment Transport in the Lower Mainland

At Trusted Dispatch, we believe professional and knowledgeable drivers can increase safety and overall efficiency. Our truckers have experience in diverse road conditions and trucking for several different industries. Look no further for your transport needs and contact us today or use our calculator for a free, instant quote.

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