How to Avoid an Unexpected Cross-Border Heavy Equipment Transport Cost

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Written by Trusted Dispatch

November 16, 2022

How to Avoid an Unexpected Cross-Border Heavy Equipment Transport Cost

When shipping or hauling heavy-duty equipment, no one likes unexpected costs or extra surprise fees. However, there are easy ways that heavy equipment transport across the border can be straightforward. When you’re informed and organized with documents such as paperwork and are clear on your shipping plans, transporting items can be simple and easy. Here’s how to make it happen!

Have Your Paperwork Organized and Ready

First of all, your driver will need copies of the relevant paperwork. To avoid any further complications or expenses, you’ll want to make sure you have everything ready to go on pick-up day. If you’ve purchased a machine from a dealer, marketplace, or auction across the border, you’ll need to work with the seller to ensure you have the right receipts and proof of purchase to give the driver. This is extremely important since missing paperwork can cause unnecessary fees and extra time for your driver. 

When crossing the border, it is crucial to have your paper and documents ready and accurate. Some examples of documents that you will be asked for are a Bill of Exchange (BOE), a Bill of Lading (BOL), and a Proof of Delivery (POD). 

Work with a Customs Broker

Since there is a considerable amount of paperwork needed when shipping heavy-duty equipment, hiring a customs broker would be worthwhile. Once you have all your paperwork sorted, you may need extra guidance. Working with a customs broker can help. Customs brokers provide guidance and expert advice for importing and exporting. They will ensure that your shipment will cross the border at the quickest time and make sure you meet various customs regulations. Even if you have all of your paperwork in order, there are problems may still arise. Customs brokers can help you prevent unexpected fees without additional stress. They can also help with estimations regarding any expected tariffs or taxes, saving you time and money.

Plan Your Shipping Well in Advanced

It is important to plan your shipping well in advance. Extra costs could be incurred if you leave your shipping arrangements to the last minute. Your customs broker can help with planning your shipment, so you don’t run into any further shipment issues. You should also make sure you have all your shipping arrangements decided upon long before the actual shipment date arrives. The reason for this is that the cost to transport your equipment will often be higher than you might expect, so it is important to figure out your shipping as soon as possible. Leaving it to the last minute could also result in not finding an available, professional driver, which will complicate your plans further.

Stay in Constant Contact with Your Driver

Like any job you employ someone for, communicating with them is extremely important. Keeping in touch can sometimes be difficult, but at Trusted Dispatch, we make it easy. In regards to heavy equipment shipping, communication is key before and during the shipment. At Trusted Dispatch, we offer resources that are extremely helpful when it comes to communication. The Trusted Dispatch app can be a useful resource when keeping track of your shipment and communicating with your driver before and during transport time. Our app enables better communication between buyers/drivers, all while keeping your shipment information up-to-date and readily accessible. Checking the app to know when a driver accepts your load helps you ship sooner rather than later. Staying in touch during the shipment also helps you handle any unexpected events or answer any questions needed to get your machine to you. 

Reliable Cross-Border Heavy Haul Trucking

The shipment company you hire should be one that you can easily access and one that you can trust. At Trusted Dispatch, we will make sure that your equipment is shipped safely and efficiently. With our trusted community of expert drivers and our automatic communication for heavy haul shipping, we will help you stay connected with a professional at all times. With our simple-to-use app system, it is easy to stay in contact and on the same page. Following the previously stated suggestions will help make your shipment run smoothly. With Trusted Dispatch, you can expect all of this while saving you time, stress, and energy. Get a free, instant quote from us today!

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