How to Arrange Excavator Shipping Between Provinces

How to Arrange Excavator Shipping Between Provinces

Shipping excavators between provinces requires coordination. It’s a job that requires more than a few hours of your time. Transporting equipment across provinces is often a multi-day venture unless your locations are conveniently situated close to a common border. Because excavators are pretty big pieces of equipment that require suitable trailers for safe transport, shipping them requires expertise and coordination. It’s not likely you’ll be able to transport the equipment yourself or know someone personally who could do you a favour. That’s why you need a professional, heavy-hauling company to take care of it for you. At Trusted Dispatch, we are ready to walk you through every step of the process, and we promise to do our very best to get any excavator transported wherever you need it to go. 

Is an Excavator an Oversize Load?

As mentioned, excavators are large pieces of equipment. That means they sometimes qualify as oversized loads, which adds to the preparation for shipping. Knowing the width, length, and weight of your machine will determine the preparations of your load. Since the boom of the excavators is often extended for secure transport, there are extra details our drivers need to know to plan for the pick-up adequately. They need to know how tall the machine is to the top of the boom, not just the cap or beacons. They also need to know the full width and length of the excavator with the boom extended. And finally, they also need to know how many buckets and attachments you’ll be shipping to calculate the total weight of the load and adequate space. 

Since whether or not your excavator is oversized depends on its dimensions and weight, the model you have and the number of buckets being shipped will play a significant part. For oversized loads, some extra steps are required in the shipping process, such as abiding by rules and regulations in different provinces. Your driver will sort these details out with you ahead of time. 

What Are the Restrictions of an Oversize Load?

Typically, an oversized load requires display signage as well as flags or lights, at the minimum. Depending on what’s being shipped, the load may also need pilot, pole, or scout cars to accompany it. A pilot car drives ahead of and behind the load and makes sure that the load is delivered safely. Pilot and scout cars monitor traffic, road conditions, and potential obstacles. They also ensure that it is safe for the truck to perform any maneuvers, such as lane change. A pole car performs the same duties as a pilot car, but it has a pole attached to it to measure possible height obstructions ahead of the load to avoid accidents.

Each province has different regulations for oversized loads due to various weather conditions, terrain, and traffic. In British Columbia, the roads travel through mountains and frequently rainy skies. However, in Saskatchewan, the sprawling prairies are subject to dry and erratic weather. Thus, different regulations are needed to ensure the safe transportation of oversized loads. 

How Will Oversize Restrictions Affect My Shipment?

Oversized shipping is by no means impossible. It simply requires a little extra planning. You’ll need to make sure your paperwork is in order and ensure that your driver is able to transport the load at the right time. Oversized loads are not usually allowed on roads during times of high traffic, so there are certain days, such as holiday weekends, you’ll need to work around. 

When you work with an experienced driver, they will know these details and can let you know if you need to adjust your transportation dates. At Trusted Dispatch, all drivers in our network are highly experienced and fully vetted.


How to Get a Quote for Excavator Shipping in Canada

With Trusted Dispatch, you can get your quote instantly and for free too. It only takes three easy steps! First, put in your pick-up location, then your drop-off location. Next, you’ll need to put in the dimensions of your load (height, width, length, and weight), and just like that, you’ve got your quote! 

You’ll want to keep in mind that oversized shipments do cost extra for escort vehicles and permits, and those additional costs won’t show up in your quote. However, drivers often offer an all-in price that covers everything once your load has been published and accepted.

Long-Hauls vs. Short Hauls

Due to the large size of Canada, sometimes getting your equipment transported to you requires a long haul, especially if your equipment is coming from the other side of the country. In such cases, it may be worth your while to consider other shipping options, including cross-border shipping. It might be easier and quicker to ship from a neighbouring state, such as Montana to Alberta, rather than Ontario to Alberta. 

Excavator Shipping Anywhere in North America

When it comes to shipping excavators, Trusted Dispatch is here to transport your load. Despite the seemingly complicated process, we are here to walk you through it and work for a successful shipment. We are available to clear up any confusion via email, phone and online chat. Trust in Trusted Dispatch, and get your free, instant quote today.

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