3 Misconceptions About Load Boards


Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 6, 2023

If you find yourself on this page, you’ve probably at least heard of load boards before. If this concept is new to you, a load board is a service that connects customers with drivers. Customers can post the equipment they need transported along with the details regarding the shipment. Then truck drivers review the posted loads and claim the ones they are equipped for. 

If you are new to load boards and are looking to ship equipment, it is essential to understand how to use them and how they operate. There are misconceptions about the service that we’re ready to clarify in this blog post. 

Myth #1: Load Boards Are Run by Brokers

While there is nothing wrong with working with a load broker, there is a big difference between hiring them and using a load board. Some load boards may allow brokers to use them, while others do not. Here’s what you need to know. 

Brokers Are Not Necessary

Some shippers or drivers work with a shipping broker, but that is not necessary when using a load board. The use of a middleman is not required with a load board because the load board does the work of connecting a shipper with a driver. Brokers may also need more time to find you a driver, plus charge a fee for their services, making the process a bit more complex. Using a load board can save you time and money if you use it efficiently, include as much detail as possible about your shipment, and stay responsive to messages. 

Load Boards Make the Match

Using a simple matching system based on load details such as pickup location, destination, and equipment measurements, the load board will find a match for you, eliminating the need for a broker. The lack of a broker also makes for more streamlined communication. Rather than going through an intermediary, a load board enables you to post the load yourself and then communicate with your driver directly if any details need to be clarified. 

Professional, Vetted Drivers

With our load board, we don’t let just anyone transport your equipment. Not only are our drivers experienced professionals, but they also have cargo insurance. Drivers who join our network are skilled and knowledgeable. They’re often independent owner-operators that use load boards like ours, which means they’ve driven long enough to own their own truck. If they’re in our network, you can trust them to transport your machinery safely. 

Myth #2: Load Boards Have No Customer Service 

While load boards are mostly a hands-off service forging a connection between customers and drivers, the idea that there is zero customer service is untrue. Like most services, you can still get help when you need it. 

Customer Service at Trusted Dispatch

At Trusted Dispatch, we take pride in being knowledgeable and helpful. If you require assistance, we are happy to help. You can reach us online by email or through the chat function on our website. If you would rather speak to us directly, we are available over the phone—just call our office. 

Myth #3: Paying Through a Load Board is Risky

Trusted Dispatch uses reliable and efficient software to calculate a fair rate, and then we securely manage your payment details to spare you the headache. 


When a driver confirms your load, you will prepay the cost of your shipment to Trusted Dispatch. Your pre-payment is held safely until the transport is complete. Once your equipment is delivered successfully, you get to confirm the delivery; then, we pay the driver. This helps to ensure a professional and efficient trip for both parties. 

Delivery Completion Code

Customers are given a “delivery completion code” by email when they confirm a shipment with a driver. Once the delivery happens, customers will pass this code along to their driver. The driver then gives us the code to signal a successful trip, at which point we will release their payment. Next, you will receive a receipt for your shipment. Drivers usually receive the funds within seven days of the load delivery. 

Competitive Quotes

The Trusted Dispatch load board enables full transparency when it comes to rates. We calculate shipments at a fair rate depending on various factors such as load size, distance to be travelled, and time required to deliver. Our quoting system gives you the base rate. If your load is oversized, requires pilot cars, or has additional attachments, your quote may go up. 

Get Your Free, Instant Quote

Suppose you want to know how much you might pay to ship your equipment using Trusted Dispatch. In that case, you can use our shipping calculator to get a free, instant quote. Just enter the measurements of your load and pickup and delivery locations, and you will receive your quote.

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