The Top Farm Equipment Auctions in Western Canada: Fall 2023 Edition

Written by Trusted Dispatch

July 3, 2023

The end of summer and fall seasons are prime times to find used equipment at auction. Large auctioneers, such as Ritchie Bros., Team Auctions, and Allen B. Olson, host online auctions, live events, and estate or dispersal events where you’ll find a wide range of farming machinery, implements, and tools. 

Find The Farm Equipment You Need at Auctions

At a farm equipment auction, you’ll find a range of machinery from brands like John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Kubota, Brandt, Caterpillar, Ford, Lode King, Challenger, Flexi-Coil, and more. You’ll find inventories including, but not limited to:

  • Used tractors
  • Grain handling equipment
  • Grain bins
  • Combines
  • Headers
  • Scrapers
  • Haying equipment
  • Tractor attachments
  • Unused farm equipment

Many auction companies will have websites where you can browse their calendar of auctions and search through their inventories to find the machines you’re looking for. You can keep your eye out for the equipment model you’re waiting for and register for the auctions that have those on the list. 

Farm Equipment Auctions to Mark On Your Calendar

If you’re in the market for farm equipment and want to check out upcoming heavy equipment auction events, here is a list of auction events from August to October with some of the leading auction companies. You’ll also want to check with local auction companies near you for more localized events and opportunities. 

Team Auctions

Team Auctions has been in business since 1966, hosting various auctions for household items, furniture, vehicles, real estate, heavy equipment and machinery, and miscellaneous items. With locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Tam Auctions are positioned well to serve the farming community in Western Canada. 

August 19-22

Unreserved Online Time Equipment Consignment Auction

Location: Regina, SK

August 26-29

Unreserved Online Timed Equipment Consignment Auction

Location: Drayton Valley, AB & Edmonton, AB

September 16 

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Kamloops, BC

October 14-17 

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Lac La Biche, AB

October 21-24

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Drayton Valley, AB & Edmonton, AB

Allen B. Olson

Specializing in farm auctions, machinery consignments, and real estate, Allen B. Olson auctioneers is an Alberta-based auction company serving Alberta and Western Canada. 

August 18

Rimbey Pre-Harvest Machinery Consignment Sale

Machinery timed online auction

Location: Rimbey, Alberta

August 25-29

Unreserved Auction for Bevell Farms Ltd. (Elmer Loyek)

Timed online auction

Location: Benalto, Alberta

October 13-17

East Central Fall Consignment Equipment Auction Sale 

Location: Hwy #16 East, Alberta 

October 20-24

Rimbey Fall Machinery Consignment Sale

Location: Rimbey, AB

Weaver Bros. Auctions

Another Alberta-based auction company is Weaver Bros. Auctions. They host agriculture and other heavy equipment auctions throughout the year. 

September 26

Timed Online Auction

Location: Rycroft, AB 

October 17

Brent & Kimberley Knickle – Retirement Auction

Location: Beaverlodge, AB

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneering

This Canadian company hosts regular unreserved public auctions all throughout the year at locations around the globe. They’ll auction off a huge selection of tractors, combines, attachments, and other supporting equipment. At Ritchie Bros. locations, you can test, inspect, and compare machines before the auction event so you have confidence in what you’re bidding on. If auctions aren’t your pace, they also sell a range of used equipment in their marketplace. 

The Ritchie Bros. online system allows you to bid online from anywhere in their timed events. You’ll want to ensure you’re prepared in advance with login details, a plan for financing, and a reliable farm equipment transport company ready with a quote.  

August 17

W.Wojcicki: Online Timed Auction Bidding

Location: Westlock, AB, Canada

August 18

The Estate of Lorne and Linda Milburn: Online Timed Auction Bidding

Location: Mayerthorpe, AB, Canada

August 21

The Estate of Duane Schug: Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Provost, AB, Canada

August 22-24

Live onsite and online auction event

Location: Houston, TX, USA

August 25 

Alum Creek – Incl. equipment from Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama

Live online auction event

Location: Alum Creek, WV, USA

August 31-September 1

Live Onsite and Online Auction Event

Location: Orlando FL, USA

August 31-September 1

Timed auction event

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

September 6-8

Live Onsite and Online Bidding

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

September 7

Timed Aauction Event

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

September 12 -14

Ontario Regional Event – Live Online Auction

Location: Ontario, Canada

September 13

United Rentals Regional Event – Live Online Auction

Location: MD, USA

September 13-14

Live Online Auction Event

Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

September 14-15

Great Plains Regional Event – Incl. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Fargo & Lincoln

Live online auction event

Location: Great Plains USA

September 14

Dancin Oilfield Service Ltd.

Online timed auction bidding

Location: Kindersley, SK, Canada

September 19

Fort Worth Auction – Incl. equipment from Houston, Midland, and Oklahoma City

Live onsite and online auction event

Location: Fort Worth, TX, USA

September 21

Southeast Regional Event – Incl. Equipment from Atlanta, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham

Live online auction event

Location: Southeast, USA

September 21

Timed Auction Event

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

September 23

Darlene and Roy Isley – Online Timed Auction

Location: Beaverlodge, AB, Canada

September 25

Atlantic Canada Regional Event 

Timed auction event

Location: Truro, NS, Canada

September 26-28

Quebec Timed Auction Lot-Only Event

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

September 26-27

Northeast Regional Event – Incl. equipment from North East, North Franklin, Pittsburgh, Fayetteville, Raleigh Durham

Day 1 – online

Day 2 – TAL only 

Location: Northeast, USA

September 27-28

Great Lakes Regional Event – INcl equipment from Columbus, Chicago, Detroit

Live online auction event

Location: Great Lakes, USA

September 27

Western Canada Timed Auction Event

Location: Western Canada, SK, Canada

September 28

Manitoba Timed Auction Event

Location: Manitoba, Canada

September 28-29

Pacific Northwest Regional event Incl. equipment from Chehalis, Wasilla and Spokane 

Live online auction event

Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

October 5

BJW Farms – John DeWolf & Bernice Janssen – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Burdett, AB, CAN

October 5

Dorchak Farm Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Mclaughlin, AB, CAN

October 10

Larry & Mable Hanson – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Valhalla Centre, AB, CAN

October 11

The Estate of John Sack – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Battleford, SK, CAN

October 11

Jim & Arlene Macknak – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Mossbank, SK, CAN

October 16

Mike Caron – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Guy, AB, CAN

October 17

Pharis Farms Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Hawk Hills, AB, CAN

October 19

Nex – Ear Farms Inc – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Reston, MB, CAN

October 19

Bergeron Prairie Sky Farm Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Congress, SK, CAN

October 20

The Estate of Robert Bessant – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Dunrea, MB, CAN

October 20

Doty Farms Inc – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Carlyle, SK, CAN

October 23

Morrow Farms Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Margaret, MB, CAN

October 23

Darren & Rhonda Schill – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Lipton, SK, CAN

October 23

J&S Kohle Farm Ltd – Llosand Farms Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Wakaw, SK, CAN

October 25

Wayell Acres Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Rosetown, SK, CAN

October 26

Rob Schmidt Farm Ltd – Rob Schmidt – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Viceroy, SK, CAN

October 30

Reid & Judy Anderson – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Carberry, MB, CAN

October 30

Two Bit Land & Cattle Co Ltd – Online Timed Auction bidding

Location: Hendon, SK, CAN

Quick Tips for Participating in Auctions

Auctions are great places to find the right equipment in your price range. You may even find a great deal if you are patient and willing to search different auction inventory listings until you see something you want. Once you do locate a machine worth bidding on, there are some strategies to use to increase your chances of success. While bidding in a live or timed online event can depend on the others who are participating, you can take measures to ensure you either place the winning bid or walk away and save your budget. 

Do Your Research in Advance 

When you know the make and model of equipment you hope to purchase, we recommend researching the value by browsing other listings for similar models. This way, you’ll get a sense of a fair price and know where to set your limit. Variations in the price range will depend on the year and condition of the equipment in question. If you’re mechanical, buying a tractor that needs a bit of work might be a good match for you and increase your chances of finding a deal. 

Set a Limit

Once you know the price range to expect for the equipment you want, it’s a wise idea to set a limit to how much you’ll be willing to pay. Knowing when to back down on a bid will save you from overbidding beyond your budget. It’s always good to have some flexibility when taking part in an auction, whether you’re there in person for the live event or taking part online.

Arrange For an Inspection

When you find a machine that you want to bid on, the next step is to arrange for an inspection. If you’re in the area of the auction site, you can call the company and arrange a viewing yourself. You can also bring a heavy mechanic with you for an expert opinion. What if you’re not in the area? You can also send someone to inspect the machine on your behalf as long as you arrange it with the auction company. 

Get a Quote for Transport

Before the auction date, you’ll want to get an estimate on how much the transport of your equipment will cost. Factoring that cost into your overall bidding limit will ensure you have enough finances to have your equipment transported to your property. 

As long as you know the height, width, length, and weight of the machine, you can get a free, instant quote on our heavy haul calculator. Not sure about the dimensions of the machine? If you know the make and model, you can look up the base model measurement by using our powerful Specs Too. With over 60,000 machines stored, your machine will auto-populate. Just remember to add any notes about customizations or add-ons. 

Enter the auction location as the pick-up location and your property as the destination. As soon as you win your bid, you can publish your load request on our free load board, and a driver in the area with the right trailer will claim your shipment, helping you get your equipment sooner. 

Reliable Farm Equipment Transport Anywhere in North America

Trusted Dispatch is your go-to heavy haul load board for farm equipment auction seasons. Our network of experienced heavy haul drivers is ready to transport your machine where it needs to go. Get started with your free, instant quote today.

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