Summer Heavy Equipment Auctions in North America 2023

Written by Trusted Dispatch

April 5, 2023

Inside this article:

  • The top Canadian auction companies for heavy machinery
  • May 2023 list of heavy equipment auctions
  • June 2023 list of heavy equipment auctions
  • July 2023 list of heavy equipment auctions
  • The cost of shipping your auction equipment
  • Tips for transporting your heavy equipment in Summer

If you’re interested in purchasing heavy equipment at an auction, you’re in luck, as auction activity is ramping up for the Summer. Numerous Canadian auction companies offer good quality used machinery and carry a wide range of equipment across several industries. Auctions take place throughout Canada and the United States, but if you cannot make an in-person event, you can simply register your bid online.  

Trusted Auction Companies in Canada and the United States

If you are new to auctions and anxious about the process, you should seek out an auction company you can trust. In Canada and the United States, several auction companies have been operating for decades and have a reputation for providing high-quality equipment and trustworthy service. 

While these companies hold some in-person auction events for those who can attend, they also allow online bidding, so you can research your equipment and bid from afar. Some companies also offer additional services, including equipment storage, inspection, and financing.

Ritchie Bros Auctioneers is one of Trusted Dispatch’s valued partners. 

The company was founded in 1958 in Kelowna, BC, and has expanded to 60 permanent worldwide sites. There are several permanent sites across the prairie provinces and a large number in the United States. Ritchie Bros. is well-known for its wide range of machinery, so if you need forestry, mining, agriculture, or construction equipment, take a look at their website. 

Team Auctions is a reliable auction company that has been in business since 1966. 

They have locations in Drayton Valley, Fairview, and Taber, as well as Kamloops, BC. The company specializes in farm equipment, but they also offer other types of heavy machinery. They hold online auctions alongside their live auctions, so they are accessible to everyone remotely.

Graham Auctions is a reputable auction company with over 25 years of experience in the auction industry. 

They are based in Calgary, Alberta. While they have traditionally held only in-person auction events, they have recently started offering online bidding for remote buyers. 

Weaver Auctions services Northern Alberta and British Columbia with equipment auctions. 

They have a 20-acre permanent auction site near Rycroft, Alberta, and attract many buyers from Alberta and BC. They also offer online timed auctions for remote buyers.

Summer 2023 Heavy Equipment Auction Listing

If you are looking for summer construction equipment auctions and others in Canada and the United States, we have listed some of the larger auctions so you can browse through their inventory and find the equipment you need. 

May 2023 Heavy Equipment Auctions

Upcoming Heavy Equipment Auctions in Canada

Ritchie Bros

  • May 9-11 – Ontario regional event
  • May 15 – Timed auction event – Turo, NS
  • May 16 – Timed auction lot-only event – Lethbridge, AB
  • May 18 – Timed auction event – Regina – SK
  • May 18-20 – Live online auction event – Montreal, QC
  • May 30/31 – Live online auction event – Chilliwack & Prince George, BC

*See comprehensive auction listing here.

Team Auctions

  • May 15 – Farm equipment – online timed auction – Athabasca, AB
  • May 15 – Farm/construction equipment – unreserved online timed auction – Edson, AB
  • May 27 – Equipment consignment – unreserved online timed auction – Cranford, AB
  • May 27 – Well-Tech Energy Services Inc. – online timed auction – Taber, AB

*See full auction listings here.

Upcoming Heavy Equipment Auctions in the United States 

Ritchie Bros.

  • May 11/12 Live onsite and online auction event – Orlando, FL
  • May 16-18 Live onsite and online event – Fort Worth, TX
  • May 17-20 Live online auction event –  Northeast Regional Event
  • May 18 – Timed auction event – Tipton, CA
  • May 24/25 – Live onsite and online auction event – Salt Lake City, UT

*See comprehensive auction listing here.

June 2023 Heavy Equipment Auctions

Upcoming Heavy Equipment Auctions in Canada

Ritchie Bros

Things start to pick up in June as Ritchie Bros. is holding multiple auction events. Some of the larger auctions are as follows:

  • June 6/7 – Farm and Online auction – Saskatoon, SK
  • June 8 – Online timed auction bidding – Schuler, AB
  • June 9 – Online timed auction bidding -Evansburg, AB
  • June 12 – Online timed auction bidding – Grimshaw, AB
  • June 13 – Online timed auction event – Elm Creek, MB
  • June 13-15 – Online auction – Grande Prairie, AB
  • June 19 – Online Timed Auction Bidding – Yorkton, SK
  • June 21 – Timed auction event – Arborg, MB
  • June 22 – Online auction – North Battleford, SK
  • June 27-29 – Live onsite and online auction event – Edmonton, AB

*See comprehensive auction listing here.

Team Auctions

  • June 3 – Unreserved online timed bidding – Lamont, AB
  • June 17 – Unreserved online auction – Kamloops, BC
  • June 24 – Unreserved online timed auction – Drayton Valley, AB
  • June 30 – Unreserved online timed auction – Bawlf, AB

*See full auction listings here.

Weaver Auctions

  • June 6 – Timed online auction – Rycroft, AB

Upcoming Auctions in the United States

Ritchie Bros. 

  • June 7/8 – Timed auction event – Sacramento, CA
  • June 14/15 – Great Plains live online regional auction event – Kansas City, Minneapolis, Fargo & Lincoln
  • June 15/16 – Southeast live online regional auction event – Atlanta, Nashville, & Raleigh-Durham
  • June 15/16 – Timed auction event – Las Vegas, NV
  • June 20-22 – Live onsite and online auction event – Houston, TX
  • June 22/23 – Great Lakes live online regional auction event – Columbus, Chicago, & Detroit
  • June 29/30 – Timed auction event – Los Angeles, CA

*See comprehensive auction listing here.

July 2023 Heavy Equipment Auctions

Upcoming Heavy Equipment Auctions in Canada

Ritchie Bros

  • July 6/7 – Online auction – Regina, SK
  • July 13/14 – Online auction – Lethbridge, AB
  • July 18/19 – Online auction – Saskatoon, SK

*See comprehensive auction listing here.

Team Auctions

  • July 8 – Unreserved online time equipment consignment auction – Lac La Biche, AB
  • July 29 – Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction – Cranford, AB

*See full auction listings here.

How To Get the Best Price at Auctions

The great thing about online bidding is that you can bid on equipment anywhere in North America. With a wider selection of equipment to choose from, you can get exactly what you want at a potentially more reasonable price.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best price for the equipment you need:

  • Research your equipment to know the value
  • Set limits for yourself to stay within your budget
  • Have your equipment inspected before auction day
  • If participating online, sign up or register for your account before the auction day
  • Get your shipping quote before bidding day

What Is the Cost of Shipping?

We recommend verifying the cost of shipping prior to making your bid. You can get your free quote instantly using our shipping cost calculator. Enter the address where your auction item is being held, the destination where you want it delivered, and the size and weight of your machine. If you are unsure of the specs, use our powerful Specs Tool to find out. Simply enter the make and model of your machine to view the base model specifications.

The quote you receive is a final quote and includes your total cost of shipping. Once you receive your shipping quote, you can factor this into your budget to get an overview of the costs. 

How To Find Heavy Equipment Shipping From Auctions in Canada and the United States

If you purchase used machinery from an in-person or online auction, we can get your equipment delivered safely to your door. At Trusted Dispatch, our network of professional drivers expands across Canada and the United States; they have experience shipping heavy equipment and industrial machinery across state, provincial and international borders. Our drivers are thoroughly vetted for professionalism and fully cargo insured for your peace of mind.

Take Advantage of Our Simple, Straightforward Shipping Process 

Securing a driver to ship your equipment is easy. Just use the Trusted Dispatch app to get your free quote. Then post your load to our load board to connect with a professional driver. Our drivers usually respond within 24 to 48 hours, so check your email or the Trusted Dispatch app to connect. 

What Information Do I Need to Give the Heavy Haul Driver? 

We recommend that you give your driver many details about your load so they can adequately prepare for your shipment. Post photos to the load board so your driver can see exactly what they are shipping. Don’t forget to include additional information and photos of any attachments that need to be shipped. Once you’ve accepted a driver, you will receive their contact information so you can discuss your shipment further. 

Picking Up Your Equipment

Once the auction closes and you win your bid on auction day, most companies will specify a timeframe during which when your items must be removed. It is essential to have your driver pick up your equipment before this period ends, or you may be charged storage fees. Keep in mind that heavy equipment shipping arrangements can be quick but don’t happen overnight. It’s best to plan ahead and find your drive as soon as you confirm your purchase. 

Cross-Border Shipping

If you purchase your equipment and need to ship it across international borders, our drivers have you covered. Our drivers have extensive experience transporting heavy equipment across the border, but you will be responsible for getting your paperwork in order.

You will be expected to provide several documents to clear customs, including:

  • Bill of Exchange
  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice (Shipments to the USA)
  • Canada Customs Invoice (Shipments to Canada)
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Certificate of Origin

We recommend hiring a customs broker to organize your paperwork. They understand the procedures to ensure that your equipment is delivered across the border without delay. 

Tips For Transporting Your Heavy Equipment During the Summer

When you are looking to purchase equipment from an auction, we recommend shipping your equipment before heading into the summer months. 

Avoid Congestion on the Roads

The roads will get busy as people set out to enjoy the holidays in July and August. Between camping and day trips, there is often extra congestion on the roads during this time.

Be Aware of Public Holidays

People love to get away in their cars for the long weekend, so we recommend shipping your equipment before the holiday begins, or a few days after it ends. If you have no choice but to ship your equipment during these busy periods, factor in some time for delays.

Public Holidays in the Summer 

  • Canada –  Canada Day – July 1st, Labour Day – September 4th
  • United States – Independence Day – July 4th, Labour Day – September 4th

Highway Construction Projects

Highway and road construction projects are often at their busiest during the Summer months. This often results in lane closures which causes traffic congestion as vehicles merge into single lanes. 

Avoid Shipping Equipment in the Late Summer

Fall is a busy time of year for farmers, so you may discover an assortment of agricultural equipment being transported on the roads in preparation for the upcoming harvest. 

During busy shipping periods, you may find it challenging to secure a driver; as demand for drivers increases, the costs tend to grow too, and you may have to pay a premium to get your equipment shipped. 

Companies across other industries will also start to move heavy machinery before any potential snowfall, so August and September will see a surge in heavy haul trucking activity. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Heavy Haul Driver

Professional heavy haul drivers have experience transporting heavy equipment, know the routes that get heavily congested, and understand the rules of the road.

Oversized Equipment Expertise

If your equipment is classified as oversized, your driver will need to secure permits and follow special instructions related to road safety. Other considerations for oversized loads include:

  • Specific securement systems
  • Vehicle axle configuration
  • Flags and signage
  • Escort vehicles

There may also be restrictions for travel during peak traffic hours that impede schedules. It is important to remember that when hauling heavy machinery, particularly oversized loads, your heavy haul driver is required to travel at slower speeds for the safety of the shipment and the public around them. 

Experience in Heavy Equipment Hauling

It is essential to ensure heavy equipment is secured safely to the trailer bed to prevent any damage to the equipment and to protect other drivers from harm. Heavy haul drivers have extensive knowledge of the equipment securement process. They use specialized chains, straps and ratchet systems to secure the machine to the trailer correctly. 

Loading and Unloading Procedures

It is also essential that your driver is capable of safely loading and unloading your equipment onto the trailer. While the auction site will provide a suitable space to load the equipment onto the trailer, you will need to provide an unloading area with a flat surface and enough space to accommodate the truck, the trailer and your equipment. 

Use Trusted Dispatch For Reliable Heavy Equipment Transport

When you are looking for summer machinery auctions in North America, use the Trusted Dispatch app to find out your shipping costs.

  1. Enter the pick-up location
  2. Enter the drop-off destination
  3. Enter the size dimensions (length, width, height) and weight of your machine
  4. Save your free quote. 

When you win your auction bid, post your load to the load board to connect with a professional heavy haul driver. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Our customer service agents are ready to take your call or chat during regular business hours. Alternatively, send us an email, and we will respond to your query within one business day.

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