Why You Should Prepare and Clean Your Trailer Before Loading Your Machine

Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 29, 2023

Heavy haul transport plays a vital role in supporting industries worldwide by safely transporting large equipment and machinery to their destinations. In 2021, drivers transported almost 11 billion tons of freight by trucks in the United States. Every day, professional drivers continue to uphold safety expectations and help make transporting heavy equipment more efficient and safer for everyone on the road. These expectations include checking legal compliance, supporting vehicle maintenance, and developing logistic preparations for the trip. 

Why Is Safety Important?

Safety continues to be paramount to the heavy hauling industry for a variety of reasons. Heavy haul operations require additional safety precautions due to the risks of overweight and oversized loads. As you make sure these measures are met, you are helping mitigate risk and doing your part in ensuring safe roads for everyone. Safety precautions include:

  • Properly loading and unloading cargo.
  • Following local road laws.
  • Verifying your vehicle is sufficiently clean before each trip.

You’ll be able to help keep your cargo safe from hazards and damage, all while taking pride in your work. 

Professional Drivers Take Safety Seriously

Professional heavy haul drivers understand the importance of safety on and off the road. Taking the necessary steps to ensure safe working conditions boosts their reputation as good drivers. By demonstrating safety, drivers can take on more jobs, build clientele, and be trusted to transport larger loads across further distances. 

Professional drivers must also be equipped with comprehensive insurance to cover various scenarios. And anyone in the heavy haul industry knows that this commercial transport insurance can get expensive. Making sure safety standards are maintained helps drivers reduce insurance rates and claims. Furthermore, careful drivers help save money for everyone and help minimize transportation costs. 

Why Does a Clean Trailer Matter?

Trailers can pick up a lot of dirt and debris on their long journeys. Stones, in particular, can eventually fly off and damage other vehicles on the road. This can lead to dents in vehicles, chips or cracks in windshields, or completely damaged windshields in more severe cases. In cases like this, the individual or company owning the trailer may be held liable for damages. Dirt can also make its way onto your load, contaminating and potentially damaging it. You can avoid this by regularly cleaning your truck and trailer. 

You’ll want to start by sweeping your trailer bed thoroughly with a broom to get rid of rocks and course dirt. Then you’ll be able to follow up by power washing the bed and side walls with a cleaning solution. Power washers are also great at cleaning harder-to-reach areas, such as wheel wells and metal frames. Lastly, consider using this time to also re-grease any moving parts.

Your Trusted Heavy Haulers

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