Top Places to Sell Farm Equipment

You might want to sell your used farm equipment for many reasons. Maybe you’re ready to purchase a new model and want to sell your older machine that is still in working order to regain some of the expense of the new purchase. Another reason to sell off used equipment is in cases where you’re downsizing your operations or retiring from farming altogether. In this scenario, you may have multiple models of equipment that you need to find buyers for. 

Whatever your reason is for selling your equipment, you have multiple options available to you, from agricultural auctions to marketplaces and used equipment dealers. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top farm equipment auction companies in Canada and used dealers to help you find the right venue to sell with. 

Agricultural Equipment Dealers

Advancement in equipment and technology in agriculture makes farming more efficient but comes with a steep price tag. Not all farmers can afford to buy brand-new models, which means there is a broad market for used models. One route to take to sell your used machinery is to an agricultural equipment dealer. Many of these locations in Canada and the United States buy and sell used equipment, machinery, and implements. The next time you need to sell a machine or buy something new-to-you, here are a few places to consider. 

AG Dealer

If you’re looking for an online platform with a wide reach in North America, AG Dealer is a great place to find used equipment in various heavy industries, including agriculture. Their bi-weekly distribution lists reach more than 180,000 farm households across Canada. Submit a bit of information about whatever it is you want to sell, and AG Dealer will include it in their newsletters to their membership. Try it out for free and find the right buyer who is looking for what you’re selling. 

AG Dealer is owned by Glacier Farm Media and serves farmers across North America, with focal points in Alberta, Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and South Dakota. No matter where your potential buyer is located, you’ve got Trusted Dispatch in your pocket to ensure your equipment gets to your new buyer. 


Also owned by Glacier Farm Media, FarmZilla is your online classifieds database for agriculture postings only. When you want to reach farmers across North America and avoid the hassle of participating in an auction, using a site such as Farmzilla to advertise your machine for sale might be the right choice for you. 

You can search equipment by the type, make, or location of the seller. Location doesn’t need to be a limitation because you can refer any potential buyer to Trusted Dispatch for heavy transport anywhere in North America. 

Farms.Com Classifieds

Another online classifieds platform for farming and agricultural equipment is Classified. You can browse by category, refine your search criteria to locate a specific make and model, or search by location. Add your listing online and find the right buyer for your machine sooner—private sellers are always welcome. 

Agricultural Equipment Auctions

A popular alternative to classified listings is to place your machines in an agricultural equipment auction. These events tend to draw large crowds, both for in-person auctions and online events. Participating in auctions is a great way to sell your equipment sooner if you’re flexible on how much money you bring in for your machine. There are two specific cases where a farm auction is preferable over classifieds: retirement dispersals and estate sales. 

Retirement Dispersal Auctions

When you’ve spent decades farming, you’ve likely accrued a lot of farming equipment, which means you have the machinery to sell and disperse when it’s time to retire. You might have relatives taking over your operations, but they likely won’t need all the machinery and attachments you’ve purchased over the years. If they’re already farming alongside you, they might even have their own fleet of machines. 

The top auction companies that specialize in heavy equipment sales will work directly with you to host a Retirement Dispersal Auction. Many farmers watch for these events because they know you’ll have in-demand equipment available for purchase. Going this route means the auction professionals will set up the event, manage the sales, and help you sell more without the stress of overseeing the details on your own.

Estate Auctions

Having a loved one pass is never easy. When that loved one is a farmer, there are plenty of small details to take care of and big tasks to complete to prepare the estate. Selling off equipment and machinery that is no longer needed can be an intense ordeal for any family member to manage. Working with an auction company can save you stress and time. They’ll arrange a separate Estate Auction to focus solely on the machinery you have to sell. 

Many farmers mark their calendars for estate auctions as it’s a great way for them to find the right equipment they need for their operations, especially when you’re located in the same region, making it easier to transport. 

Top Agricultural Equipment Auctions in Canada and the United States

Auction companies range from global giants to dependable local operations. Where you sell your equipment will depend on your needs and preferences. Due to the size of North America, it’s not possible to list every auction house near you in one blog post. Here are some of the dependable giants that can help you sell your equipment sooner, with access to bidders all over the country. 

Team Auctions

With several locations across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, and over fifty years in operation, Team Auctions is a great place to sell your used farm equipment. They have years of experience organizing retirement dispersals, estate sales, and foreclosure events in the agriculture world. When you need to sell your equipment and the process is handled professionally, Team Auctions are there to help. 

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Ritchie Bros. are a household name for many industries since they host auctions around the globe focusing on large machinery and industrial equipment. Every season they host a range of auction events tailored to different sectors, combining all industries and smaller-scale local events. Some of the benefits of buying and selling with Ritchie Bros. include:

  • Regular unreserved public auctions
  • Online, timed auctions systems
  • Ag financing rates available

Customers know that Ritchie Bros. has a huge selection of tractors, combines, seeders, sprayers, and more. They also let you test, inspect, and compare items before you buy or bid. When auctions are not your speed, you can also sell used machinery through their online consignment sales. 

Allen B. Olson

Another well-known name in farm auctions in Alberta is Allen B. Olson, an auctioneering business serving the farming community in Central Alberta and beyond for nearly six decades. They specialize in farm machinery and real estate sales, whether you need to sell one piece of equipment or a whole line. 

Upcoming Farm and Agriculture Auctions 

Here’s a list of upcoming farm equipment auctions that you might still have time to register your machinery for at the end of the summer/fall 2023 season. For the latest information on upcoming auctions, visit the following calendars:

Team Auctions Event Calendar

Ritchie Bros. Event Calendar

Allen B. Olson Event Calendar

August 2023 Farm Equipment Auctions

August 17 – Ritchie Bros.

Online timed auction bidding

Location: Westlock, AB, Canada

August 18 – Allen B. Olson

Machinery timed online auction

Rimbey Pre-Harvest Machinery Consignment Sale

Location: Rimbey, Alberta

August 19-22 – Team Auctions

Unreserved Online Time Equipment Consignment Auction

Location: Regina, SK

August 22-24 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live onsite and online auction event

Location: Houston, TX, USA

August 25 – Ritchie Bros.

Live online auction event

Alum Creek – Incl. equipment from Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama

Location: Alum Creek, WV, USA

August 26-29 – Team Auctions

Unreserved Online Timed Equipment Consignment Auction

Location: Drayton Valley, AB & Edmonton, AB

August 31 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live onsite and online auction event

Location: Orlando FL, USA

August 31 – Ritchie Bros. 

Timed auction event

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

September 2023 Farm Equipment Auctions

September 6 – Ritchie Bros.

Live onsite and online bidding

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

September 7 – Ritchie Bros. 

Timed auction event

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

September 12 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event 

Location: Ontario Regional Event 

September 13 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event

United Rentals Regional Event

Location: Maryland, United States 

September 13 – Ritchie Bros.

Live online auction event

Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

September 14-16 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event

Great Plains Regional Event – Incl. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Fargo & Lincoln

Location: Great Plains USA

September 16 – Team Auctions

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Kamloops, BC

September 19-22 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live onsite and online auction event

Fort Worth Auction – Incl. equipment from Houston, Midland, and Oklahoma City

Location: Fort Worth,TX, USA

September 21 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event

Southeast regional event – Incl. equipment from Atlanta, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham

Location: Southeast USA 

September 21-22 – Ritchie Bros.

Timed auction event

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

September 25 – Ritchie Bros. 

Timed auction event

Atlantic Canada Regional Event

Location: Truro, NS, Canada

September 26-28 – Ritchie Bros.

Timed auction lot-only event

Quebec Timed Auction Event

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

September 26-27 – Ritchie Bros.

Northeast Regional Event – Incl. equipment from North East, North Franklin, Pittsburgh, Fayetteville, Raleigh Durham

Location: Northeast, USA

September 27-29 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event

Great Lakes Regional Event – INcl equipment from Columbus, Chicago, Detroit

Location: Great Lakes, USA

September 27 – Ritchie Bros.

Western Canada Timed Auction Event

Location: Western Canada, SK, Canada

September 28 – Ritchie Bros. 

Time auction event

Manitoba Timed Auction Event

Location: Manitoba, Canada

September 28-29 – Ritchie Bros. 

Live online auction event

Pacific Northwest Regional event Incl. equipment from Chehalis, Wasilla and Spokane 

Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

October 2023 Farm Equipment Auctions

October 13-17 – Allen B. Olson

East Central Fall Consignment Equipment Auction Sale 

Location: Hwy #16 East, Alberta 

October 14-17 – Team Auctions

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Lac La Biche, AB

October 20-24 – Allen B. Olson

Rimbey Fall Machinery Consignment Sale 

Location: Rimbey, AB

October 21-24 – Team Auctions

Unreserved online timed equipment consignment auction

Location: Drayton Valley, AB & Edmonton, AB

Reliable Auction Heavy Haul Shipping

When you need reliable shipping for your heavy equipment to or from an auction, you can rely on Trusted Dispatch. Our network of professional drivers is located across North America with routes that crisscross the continent. Since we specialize in heavy hauls, you know we have the experience and equipment to move your machines safely wherever it needs to go. 

How to Get Started

Our load board is free to use which means you can get started any time. The first step is you get your free, instant quote by entering the dimensions of the equipment you need to have shipped, along with the weight and the pick-up and drop-off locations. Not sure how much your equipment weighs or measures? We have a powerful Specs Tool that contains more than 60,000 base model specs for popular makes and models of farm equipment. You will need a more accurate measurement before pick-up day, but these details are enough to get you started. 

Once you have your free quote, you can publish your load onto the board, and a driver whose available and has the right equipment will reach out about your shipment. When you have questions or need to share special details about your shipment, you can reach us at the office, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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