How to Transport Heavy Equipment To and From Port Locations


Written by Trusted Dispatch

January 26, 2023

How to Transport Heavy Equipment To and From Port Locations

Several significant industries utilize heavy machinery for their operations, and these include forestry, mining, construction, and agriculture. These large industries often require shipping solutions for cross-border and overseas shipments. 

Transporting heavy equipment is no easy feat. While some companies have their own trucks and drivers to move their machines, many others rely on the services of heavy-haul transportation companies. These trucking companies can provide cost-effective transport services to ensure that your equipment is delivered safely to its destination. 

Shipping To and From Port Locations

Whether you are buying a new machine from a dealer or used equipment from an auction, Trusted Dispatch makes it easy to transport equipment across borders and even overseas by shipping equipment to and from your preferred port. We regularly ship heavy loads to and from Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax ports. When shipping large loads cross-border and overseas by cargo ship, there are several factors to consider.

Customs Shipping Requirements

When moving your shipment across international borders, you must provide copies of the relevant paperwork for the Customs office. These may include a Bill of Exchange, a Bill of Lading, and Proof of Delivery. Any inaccurate or missing information may result in your shipment being delayed, so you may wish to contract the services of a customs broker to facilitate the process. 

Be Aware of Customs Fees and Shipping Tariffs

When heavy equipment is shipped across international borders, your shipment is subject to taxes based on the value of the machine. Taxes and tariffs vary depending on each country’s rules. For this reason, we recommend checking customs fee rates before you start the shipping process. 

Unexpected Delays

While disorganized paperwork can cause unnecessary delays at the border, your driver may encounter unfavourable weather or heavy traffic congestion on the roads, which may also impede travel. Factor in such possible days when arranging transport so that your shipment can arrive at the port on time.  

Cross-Canada Heavy Hauling Services

At Trusted Dispatch, our network of professional drivers is located across North America, making it easy for you to connect with a driver and ship your load. 

Get Your Free Quote

Use our Trusted Dispatch App to receive your instant free quote. Simply input three key pieces of information

  1. Enter the pick-up location
  2. Enter the drop-off location
  3. Enter the dimensions and weight of your machine

If you are unsure of the specifications of your machine, use our powerful Specs Tool. Simply input the make and model of the machine to get your specs.

Post Your Load

Once you have received your shipping estimate, post your load to the load board to connect with a driver. With the high volume of cargo coming in and out of the ports, there are many heavy haul drivers who work in these areas. Upload photos to make it easier for a driver to prepare to ship your machine and include any important information they may need. 

Wait For a Response

Most loads are claimed within 24 to 48 hours, so check your email or the Trusted Dispatch app to accept a driver. Once you have connected with your driver, check in with them regularly to ensure everything will proceed safely and on time. 

Prepare Your Shipment 

If you are shipping equipment to the port, you must ensure that it is ready for travel when your driver arrives. Clean your machine. This way, you can assess for damage prior to shipping. This also makes it easier for a driver to locate the tie-down points to secure the machine to the trailer. Hand over the relevant paperwork so your driver can pass speedily through customs. 

Overseas Equipment Shipping Services

When it comes to heavy equipment transport to and from port locations, Trusted Dispatch has you covered. Our professional drivers can provide heavy haul services to or from the Port of Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, Halifax, or Saint John. Call us for more information or use our free calculator tool and get your free instant shipping quote now. 

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