How to Safely Transport a Backhoe

How to Safely Transport a Backhoe

When transporting large pieces of construction equipment, such as a backhoe, it is extremely important to keep safety as a top priority. So what steps do we need to take to keep heavy haul loads safe? Hiring experienced drivers, adequately preparing for loading, and choosing an appropriate trailer are all excellent starts.

What Is a Backhoe?

Let’s start by talking about backhoes. These big long excavating machines are also known as rear actors and back actors and are very useful machines to have on a variety of jobsites. This strong digger consists of a bucket and arm and is usually mounted on the back of a tractor. These are long and heavy pieces of equipment that need to be handled with precision.

What Is Needed for Transporting Construction Equipment?

Safety is the number one priority for heavy equipment transport. Since the loads being transported are so large, accidents can have severe consequences. However, they are preventable when you stay on top of safety regulations. Different regions and seasons come with different challenges for heavy hauling. For example, the challenges of hauling heavy equipment in the spring on the prairies will be different from hauling in the mountains in wintertime.

Before you get started with shipping your backhoe, here are some of the safety basics of heavy equipment transport.

Experienced Drivers

Knowledgeable and experienced drivers are the keys to safe heavy equipment transport. They have a good understanding of the detailed rules and regulations associated with heavy equipment transport, international shipping, oversized load transport, and more. They are able to respond quickly to unexpected situations and excel at heavy truck driving. Drivers should also be fully insured.

At Trusted Dispatch, all drivers are fully vetted before being added to our network. We check that they are insured owner-operators equipped with the knowledge and experience to make educated decisions related to various jobs they may pick up. 

The Right Trailer

Some trailers are better suited to transporting certain types of equipment over others, so you and your driver will need to settle on the right trailer for your backhoe transport. There are longer trailers for longer loads, trailers with low decks for tall loads, varying weight capacities, varying axles, multiple decks, and more. When you post your load to Trusted Dispatch’s load board, including the dimensions of your machine alongside detailed photos of all attachments will help drivers select the right trailer for the job. 

Safe Preparation for Loading

Safe heavy haul transport begins with a well-executed loading day and its associated preparations. Getting equipment safely onto the right trailer is the start of a safe journey! There are a number of things you can do to help out your driver to prepare for a safe loading day. 

  1. As mentioned, it helps to provide your driver with detailed photos of your load ahead of time. This allows them to better understand what they will be dealing with and how they can prepare specifically for your load.
  2. Inspect your equipment yourself. Make sure all securement points are undamaged and free of dirt and debris. Clean excess dirt from the machine to reveal any prior damages, and if your load needs to be driven onto the trailer, make sure you warm up the engine in low temperatures.
  3. Park your machine in an easily accessible space. Make sure there is lots of open space for the safe loading of equipment, clear any obstacles, and try to find the flattest ground possible.

Reliable Construction Equipment Transport in Canada and the United States

Trusted Dispatch always makes safety a top priority, and you can relax knowing that your backhoe is in skilled hands. We safely transport construction equipment anywhere within Canada and the United States, and with our load board, there is a great deal of flexibility available for you! If you need a backhoe (or any other piece of heavy equipment) shipped, get started with your free quote from Trusted Dispatch today!

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