How to Find Heavy Haulers in Saskatchewan

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Written by Trusted Dispatch

February 9, 2023

How to Find Heavy Haulers in Saskatchewan

Heavy equipment is complex and requires specialized equipment and professional heavy haul drivers to transport the equipment safely. When you are looking for heavy haul services to transport your heavy equipment to and from Saskatchewan, there are several things to consider.

3 Traditional Ways to Transport Your Heavy Equipment

There are several ways to secure a driver to ship your heavy machinery:

  1. Find someone you know 
  2. Hire an owner-operator independently
  3. Use the services of a freight broker

While these are all fine options for moving your heavy equipment, they each have their limitations. Let’s address each one separately.

1. Finding a Driver You Know

Hiring someone you know may seem like a good option, but do they have the experience and the know-how to get the job done? Do they understand permitting requirements and securement rules when travelling both within and across provincial or national borders? Do they have the right equipment – the right truck, trailer, and the proper chains and straps for securement? These are important factors that will affect the safety of your machine.

2. Hiring an Owner-Operator Directly

An owner-operator likely has the equipment and the know-how to get the job done, so they should be an ideal candidate for the job. But what about the pricing? How do you know if you are getting a fair price for your delivery? Will they be willing to travel the distance you need your equipment hauled? Some owner-operators will only take a job if it’s a short-haul or on their established route. 

3. Using a Freight-Broker 

A freight broker will step in on your behalf and negotiate an agreement with a heavy haul driver to ship your equipment, but what about the costs? The freight broker is the one doing the leg work and making the phone calls. When you use a freight broker, you must pay your driver the shipping fees and any other costs associated with the shipment, but you must also pay the brokerage fees. All in all, this can prove to be costly in the long run. 

While pursuing any of these options will get your equipment delivered to its destination, there is a more efficient way to do this. 

Why You Should Use a Load Board to Haul Heavy Equipment:

Load boards provide the advantage of connecting you to a driver without going through a broker in the middle. Instead, the digital load board is the place where loads and available drivers meet. Let’s take a look at why a load board might be a better option for you. 

Lower Costs

Using a load board removes the person in the middle, which lowers your total costs. A larger network of drivers to accept your load also gives you a cost advantage compared to contacting a series of owner-operator independently. It also saves you valuable time by posting to one central location.

Professional Heavy Drivers

Load boards that contract only professional heavy haul drivers care about the level of service you receive. Heavy hauling is a complex business, so hiring a driver with a high level of expertise and experience is vital to keep your equipment safe. 

Cross-Border Shipping

Online equipment auctions allow you to search for equipment from various suppliers across the continent. This way, you can take get the benefit of used equipment at the best prices. Look for a trucking company that delivers equipment across international borders to take advantage of these deals.  

Cargo-Insured Drivers

While professional drivers will do their very best to deliver your equipment safely to its destination, accidents can happen. If your equipment is damaged during transit, you may be in trouble if your driver doesn’t have the appropriate level of insurance to cover the damage. 

Choose a trucking company that hires only cargo-insured professional drivers for peace of mind. Your equipment is expensive, which is why it is in your interest to make sure that it is protected at all times. 

Where to Find Expert Drivers and Big Cost Savings 

At Trusted Dispatch, we have you covered. You benefit from our shipping services in four ways:

  1. We thoroughly vet our drivers for professionalism and only hire experienced drivers within our network.
  2. Our network of professional heavy haul transport drivers is located across North America and can pick up and deliver your equipment anywhere in the United States and Canada. 
  3. Our drivers are fully cargo insured for your protection. 
  4. Our leading-edge technology and a new approach to transportation services will result in savings of up to 30% of your heavy equipment transport costs.

Get Your Instant Free Quote for Heavy Haul Shipping

At Trusted Dispatch, we provide an instant free quote for your convenience. Simply enter your pickup location, the drop-off destination, and the specs of your machine. Post your load to the load board and be connected with a driver within 48 hours. Get your free quote now!

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