How a Heavy Haul Company Can Help You Move More Loads

Written by Trusted Dispatch

June 20, 2023

Hauling heavy loads across North America is no easy feat. Not all drivers are qualified to transport heavy loads, but Trusted Dispatch can connect drivers experienced in the transport of heavy loads with clients seeking to transport such goods. There are many reasons why working alongside a heavy haul company like Trusted Dispatch can aid your company in accomplishing more efficient transportation of goods and heavy equipment.

Connections With experienced Professionals

Your goods and equipment can only be trusted with experienced, reliable drivers. Partnering with Trusted Dispatch allows you access to a network of professional, experienced drivers, each with their own gear and equipment. Drivers on our platform are vetted and licensed, with many years of experience in transporting heavy loads. Furthermore, our company has connected companies and drivers across North America since 2014.

All our drivers are carefully selected, so you can trust them to deliver your loads on time without worrying about incurring damage costs. The reliability of our drivers gives you peace of mind. 

Combat Driver Turnover 

While hiring personal drivers for a company allows full access to transportation services, it can also lead to high driver turnover rates. Not all drivers hired by companies are equally qualified for the task of hauling heavy loads, leaving companies scrambling to find transportation staff when they need it the most. 

There are many factors leading to high driver turnover rates, such as inconsistent opportunities, lack of experience or formal training, or inability to handle the lifestyle of trucking. At the end of the day, long-distance heavy hauling isn’t for everyone.

When you need to fill the gaps with qualified heavy haul drivers, Trusted Dispatch can help. 

How Trusted Dispatch Operates 

Trusted Dispatch caters to the interests of construction companies, equipment rental companies, farmers, oil and gas, and any potential clients seeking to transport heavy and oversized loads in North America. Our free platform helps connect experienced heavy-load drivers with customers across the continent. Clients can post details concerning weight, dimensions, any special add-ons or attachments, pickup and drop-off locations, and specific requests involving transport routes to the final destination. 

Once a post is made, a driver will claim the load. Clients will then pay the company in advance to avoid anyone backing out of the deal. Once the load is picked up and delivered, the driver will be paid, and the client can continue operating efficiently. 

Working with Trusted Dispatch means that there are no middlemen or extra fees from the company. However, clients should keep in mind that oversized loads or cross-border shipments will have additional fees, such as pilot cars, permits, and border tariffs. 

Start Using Trusted Dispatch Today!

Don’t waste time and energy trying to find reliable heavy-load drivers and worrying if your load will arrive safely and on time. Partner with Trusted Dispatch to drive your goods and equipment across North America. Whether it be farming equipment, construction equipment, forestry equipment, or oversized heavy loads, you can rely on the drivers in our Trusted Dispatch network to fulfill your shipment. Contact us to discuss a partnership, or sign up to use the load board and get your free quote instantly.

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