3 Tips on Finding Reliable Heavy Haulers in the Southwest


Written by Trusted Dispatch

April 25, 2023

When it comes to hauling heavy equipment, finding a reliable trucking service is essential to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely and on time. The American Southwest is known for its unique landscape, which requires specialized equipment. Below are three tips to help you search for the best heavy hauling companies in the southwest that match your hauling needs, put safety first, and are reputable. 

1. Matches Your Hauling Needs: What Are You Hauling and Is This Company Capable of It?

When looking for a heavy hauler, the first thing to consider is whether the company can haul the equipment or machinery you need to transport. One factor to consider includes the weight and dimensions of your load and any special requirements, such as super loads and oversized loads. 

If you have oversized cargo, you must ensure that your chosen driver has experience hauling oversized loads. They should have a wide variety of trailers and other equipment to handle any kind of load. This could include flatbeds, lowboys, double drops, and more. 

Oversized loads also require special permits, and the driver must have specialized heavy equipment to transport the cargo safely. Similarly, if you’re hauling a super load, you should look for a driver who is experienced in transporting super loads and has the necessary permits and escorts to do so legally. 

2. Safety First: Do They Put Safety First?

The most crucial factor in searching for a heavy-haul driver is one that has a good track record of safe transportation. Heavy haul transport requires skill, experience, and a thorough knowledge of the road. Ask the driver about their credentials and safety practices, such as pre-trip inspections, regular maintenance on their equipment, and route planning. You will also want to ask about their cargo insurance coverage.

Drivers that prioritize safety reduce the risks of accidents. You also want to find a driver that protects the equipment from damage. Look for a company with a comprehensive safety program, a driver with good reviews, or a load board that only admits drivers that meet these standards. 

3. Experience and Reputation

A company or driver with a long track record of success and positive reviews from past clients is a good sign that they are reliable and trustworthy. This includes understanding the route and ensuring the equipment complies with federal and state regulations. The heavy haul company should have experienced, vetted drivers who know how to handle oversized loads.

To gauge a company’s reputation, you can look at online reviews or ask for references from past clients. Also, consider how long the company has been in business. A company with years of experience has likely faced various challenges and has developed the expertise to handle unexpected situations.

Best Hauling Companies in the Southwest

Finding the best specialized heavy-haul truckers in the American Southwest takes patience. But with these three tips in mind, you can narrow your search and find the right driver for your job. 
Our team of experienced drivers at Trusted Dispatch is dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients. Our drivers are vetted, experienced, and dedicated, and you can always count on us to deliver your equipment safely and efficiently. Our commitment to safety, expertise, and reputation in the industry make us a solution for all your heavy hauling needs. Contact us today to get started!

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