What Is Required for Logging Equipment Transport?

What Is Required for Logging Equipment Transport?

Working in the forestry industry means lots of shifting jobsites and the transport of materials and machines to follow those shifts. With such frequent moving around, you need to find reliable and consistent transport between jobsites, but that isn’t always easy to find. 

Don’t know where to get started on finding reliable logging equipment transport? In this article, we’ll go all over all the essentials to look for in a reliable equipment hauler.

Experienced, Professional Heavy Haul Drivers

Experienced drivers are a big part of what makes a company great. Excellent drivers connect with customers, help guide them through the transport process and make sure all safety protocols and road regulations are followed. How do you know an experienced driver from an inexperienced one? Here are three red flags to watch for.

Red Flag #1

Red flag number one is when a company does not vet their drivers. When drivers are vetted, you know that the company trusts them, so you can trust them too. At Trusted Dispatch, all drivers in our network are thoroughly vetted before joining the load board.

Red Flag #2

Red flag number two is uninsured drivers. Heavy haul trucking does have many associated risks, and even when done properly, accidents can happen. Uninsured drivers won’t have you covered when something goes wrong, so we only work with insured drivers at Trusted Dispatch.

Red Flag #3

Red flag number three is drivers without the right equipment. Part of our vetting process at Trusted Dispatch includes confirming that drivers are owner-operators of adequate equipment to safely complete jobs.

For more on the experience of Trusted Dispatch drivers, check out our drivers in action.

Securement of Forestry Equipment for Transport

When hauling heavy forestry equipment such as a feller buncher, safety is of the utmost priority. The equipment is very heavy and must be handled properly to prevent accidents, especially on the uneven terrain common to logging jobsites. Drivers often face dirt roads and uneven, unpredictable terrain, but even on large highways, safety and load securement must be kept to the same standard to prevent loads from shifting and causing accidents.

Finding the Right Size Trailer

Different pieces of equipment often require different trailers to move them. Fortunately, the drivers in Trusted Dispatch’s network are very knowledgeable and will know what trailer is needed to move your load. However, it is not a bad idea to brush up on the different types of trailers yourself.

Logging Trailers

Logging trailers—while they appear quite similar to flatbed trailers—are built specifically for the purpose of moving raw forestry materials like logs and don’t usually have a deck.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are very common, consist of a single flat deck, and can be used to carry machines like bulldozers.

Stepdeck or Single-Drop Trailers

Stepdeck, or single-drop trailers, have two decks: one high and one dropped down low. This can be used to haul taller pieces of equipment, such as an excavator and/or attachments (which can be loaded onto the higher deck).

Double-Drop Trailers

Double-drop trailers are similar to single-drops but have two high decks and one low in the middle. They are also useful for hauling tall pieces of equipment such as a feller buncher and, if space permits, attachments on the higher decks.

RGN Trailers

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailers are unique and highly versatile pieces of equipment. Unlike most other trailers, they detach from trucks at the front, and the trailer lowers to become a ramp for loading. They can be found as both single-drop and double-drop trailers, so there are many options for the types of machinery you can ship.

Getting a Free, Instant Quote for Hauling Services

When you work with Trusted Dispatch, you can get a hauling quote instantly and for free in just three easy steps:

  1. Input the pick-up location for your load.
  2. Input the drop-off location for your load.
  3. Input the dimensions (height, weight, length, and width) of your load.

Once you’ve got your quote, you’re ready to get started shipping with Trusted Dispatch.

Logging Equipment Shipping in Canada

Looking for reliable logging equipment transport in Canada? Look no further than Trusted Dispatch. With our extensive network of drivers, straightforward process, and affordable rates, you won’t want to work with any other heavy hauling company! Once you get started with a free, instant quote, you’ll find the transport process a breeze, and the days of stressing over finding logging equipment transport will be over.

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