Renting vs. Buying Used Farming Equipment

Written by Trusted Dispatch

February 14, 2023

Farming equipment today is far superior to where it was a decade or more ago. Technology integrated into the hardware makes it possible to seed efficiently, fertilize accurately, and harvest faster than ever. These high-tech machines also come with a high price tag. If you don’t need the latest equipment model or want to reduce financing needs, buying used equipment or renting equipment can be a more feasible option. 

How to Decide Whether to Rent or Buy

With so many options for farming equipment supplies, how do you decide whether to purchase new, used, or rented? It will likely depend on your situation, needs, and budget. 

Budget Considerations

If you have a large budget or significant financing available to you, you’ll be able to purchase new equipment. If you don’t have either of those things, then purchasing used equipment may be the better option. Renting is also an avenue available if you only need the equipment for a single harvest or to replace a machine that needs servicing. 

Scale of Work

When farming operations need to scale their work, buying additional machines or replacing ones that are out of service requires purchasing. Large-scale farms may choose to purchase new ones to take advantage of the latest technology and precision instruments. Depending on how many machines are required, they might take a mixed approach of both new and used machines. For smaller farming operations, used equipment is a great option to get the work done and stay on budget. 

With so many great attachments and tools out there to make each stage of farming easier, it can add up to purchase each, new or used. For ploughing, seeding, harvesting, and grain storage, renting the equipment and implements means you can work efficiently without breaking the bank. 


Whether to buy or rent also depends on what is available. When it comes to renting farm equipment, you need to have a supplier locally to have access to the machinery. When you’re purchasing equipment, new or used, you have a lot more freedom to find the right machine at the right price. 

Farm Equipment Shipping

With reliable shipping at your fingertips, whether you purchase new machines or used ones, you can rely on professional heavy haulers to pick up and deliver your equipment. Trusted Dispatch has a network of drivers across Canada and the United States who will safely transport your equipment to you. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got reliable shipping when you find the best deal on the other side of the country. 

Finding Affordable Farming Equipment

There are several ways to find affordable farm equipment. One way is to participate in live auctions or online auctions. Another method is to browse online marketplaces for posted equipment sales. The other common place to go is to dealers that offer used equipment sales or equipment rentals. 

Rocky Mountain Equipment Dealerships

With forty-five branches across the prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba), Rocky Mountain Equipment dealerships provide farmers with equipment, machinery, attachments, and service. They’re the largest independent agricultural dealer in Canada, carrying brands such as Case IH Agriculture, Case Construction, and New Holland Agriculture. 

Other Services

  • Precisions AG technology partner
  • Repairs when you need them
  • Equipment new and used
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Field services

Having a large equipment inventory to browse through means you’reyou’re likely to find the right machine you need. RME excels in providing a full range of services. When your machine needs repairs or servicing, you can bring it to one of their locations or call for field service, and they’ll come for you. 

Flaman Agriculture 

There are endless options for farming equipment, attachments, and implements to make every step easier, from seeders to sprayers to grain dryers to storage bins and hay bale carriers. 

When you’re looking for equipment, implements and attachments to get you through the seasons, Flaman Agriculture has rentals and new and used options for purchase. With many locations across Canada, farmers across the country have access to their inventory.  

Farm Equipment Auctions

When you’re ready to find used farm equipment for purchase, farm equipment auctions are a great place to start. Auctions that specialize in heavy equipment often have machinery-focused events with options to participate in person or online. When you have a reliable heavy hauling service in your reach, there’s no limit to where you find your purchase. 

Reliable Heavy Haul Transport in North America

Whether you need to haul equipment to your farm or transport a new-to-you machine from across the country, Trusted Dispatch is here to help. Our network of experienced, licensed heavy haul drivers has the expertise to safely haul your machine right to your property. Get started today with a free, instant quote.

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