How to Safely Transport a Tractor


Written by Trusted Dispatch

January 19, 2023

How to Safely Transport a Tractor

Tractors are pretty big and heavy pieces of equipment. When you’re not experienced in heavy haul trucking and the transportation of heavy equipment, it can be difficult to conceptualize how one might safely move such a large piece of equipment. Getting to know the process can help reduce uncertainty about how heavy hauling works.

Tractor Models

There’s no one way to transport a tractor. As you may well know, tractors come in a fantastic variety of models designed to achieve many different tasks. A tractor for construction is different from a farm equipment tractor, and even within those industries, there is a lot of variety. 

Step one of transporting your tractor is finding out which model you will be transporting. Once you know the details of your tractor model, you can get started organizing your load with Trusted Dispatch. 

Tractor Shipping in Manitoba

Lots of knowledge, work, and experience goes into safe tractor shipping. The experienced drivers at Trusted Dispatch are fantastic at helping you get your tractor safely to its destination, whether it’s to another property or to and from an auction. Knowing a bit about the process yourself can reduce stress and make the whole thing go more smoothly, whether you’re transporting your heavy equipment in Manitoba or beyond.

Choosing the Right Trailer

The right trailer to haul your shipment depends on the dimensions of your tractor, which is why determining the model is step one of the shipping process. You also need to know whether or not you will be shipping any attachments, such as buckets, with the tractor so those can be accommodated as well. Ultimately, the trailer choice is up to your driver, but if you know a bit about trailer types, you’ll be able to understand exactly what is happening with your tractor. 

Flat Deck Trailers and Low Boy Trailers

Flat deck trailers consist of a single deck and are the most common type of heavy-haul trailer. Single-drop trailers, on the other hand, have two decks—one high and one low. This can be helpful for transporting tall pieces of equipment or transporting multiple pieces of equipment at a time. Similarly, the double-drop trailer has multiple decks, but two are high, and one is low. The low deck creates extra height tolerance, and as with the single-drop, the higher decks are very useful for transporting tractor attachments. 

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailers are a little different from the other trailer types mentioned, as they can be loaded from the front rather than the back end of the trailer. These trailers are highly versatile and can come in both single and double-drop forms.

Safe Loading

At Trusted Dispatch, safety is our top priority. We do not work with drivers unless they have shown excellence in following rigid safety standards. To assist your driver in maintaining these standards, here are some things you can do to make loading day go safely and smoothly.

  • Wipe down your equipment to make a note of any damage and ensure that tie-down points are undamaged and accessible
  • If temperatures are low, run the engine so that it can start on loading day
  • Send photos of the machine to your driver so they can prepare
  • Remove any personal items
  • Park the machine on flat, even ground with adequate loading space

Chaining Down

Before getting on the road, the tractor will need to be chained down accordingly so that it does not present a safety hazard on the road. The tie-down points need to be undamaged, and chains need to be the right size for the job. Specific tie-down points are required by law, and drivers are very experienced in load securement.

Working With Experienced Drivers

Trusted Dispatch drivers are always fully vetted before being added to our network and load board. They are all experienced owner-operators who are fully insured and well-versed in the world of heavy equipment transport services. They maintain high standards of safety, professionalism, and reliability. You can trust that when you haul heavy equipment with Trusted Dispatch, you will always be working with a driver that you can trust to deliver your tractor safely to its destination.

Finding Tractor Transport in Manitoba

When you need heavy equipment transport in Manitoba and beyond, look no further than Trusted Dispatch. We work hard to create a simple, straightforward process that ends with the timely and safe delivery of your tractor. No matter how big or small your tractor is, you can get it anywhere it needs to be in Canada and the United States when you ship with Trusted Dispatch.
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time via phone, email, or online chat. When you’re ready to get your tractor on the road, get started with your free, instant quote from Trusted Dispatch today!

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