How to Safely Transport a Combine Harvester

How to Safely Transport a Combine Harvester

The Prairie Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are known for their large-scale agricultural industries and high-quality grain. Some of their more popular crops include barley, spring wheat, and canola. These crops require several pieces of farming equipment to cultivate the soil, sow the crop and reap the harvest. Among the most recognized machinery that is spotted in the grain fields is the combine harvester. This massive piece of farm equipment is not easy to transport and requires heavy hauling services to ship it from one location to another. 

Combine Harvester Models

Combines have come a long way since the horse-drawn models in the early 1900s. Today combine harvesters are an essential piece of agricultural equipment used to harvest a variety of grains, including wheat, corn, barley, flax, and canola. The name combine is derived from the machine’s function of reaping, threshing, and winnowing the crop. There are three main types of harvester machines.

Controlled Combine Harvesters

These harvesters are mounted on top of tractors and are ideal for areas where farmland is extensive. These tractors are very convenient and commonly used by farmers around the world. 

Self-Propelled Combine Harvesters

These machines run themselves by way of an engine attached to the top of the machine. The engine has the dual function of powering the machine and also performing the harvesting function. 

Track Combine Harvesters

These combine harvesters differ from the other types in that they are fitted with tracks instead of wheels. While the other harvesters can move very limited distances on the road, track harvesters cannot be moved without proper heavy equipment hauling services.

Preparing Your Combine For Transport

When it comes to shipping your harvester, there are several factors that you must take into consideration. 

Choosing The Right Trailer

Combine harvesters come in a variety of sizes, and this will determine the type of trailer to use. A flat deck trailer is a popular choice for combines that are less than eight feet tall. For oversized machines, a removable gooseneck trailer is a better choice as it can accommodate much taller and heavier loads.

Loading Your Machine Safely

In order to load your combine onto the trailer bed, it is important to ensure a wide and even surface that can accommodate the equipment, the truck, and the trailer. Your professional driver has experience loading heavy equipment safely onto the truck bed and will work very slowly and carefully to ensure that the procedure is carried out properly.

Securing Your Equipment

Once your combine is loaded safely onto the trailer bed, your driver will secure the machine. For this reason, it is important to clean the machine prior to pick-up to make it easier for the driver to locate the tie-down points. They will use chains and adjustable straps to secure the load and follow securement rules as defined by both federal and provincial codes.  

How to Arrange Combine Transport in Manitoba

Whether you are moving a combine from one field to another or shipping your heavy-duty equipment long distance across provinces, you will need to contract the services of a heavy equipment hauling company. 

Use our free calculator tool to get your free instant quote. Simply enter three key pieces of information.

  1. Enter your pick-up location
  2. Enter the drop-off destination
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions of your machine

If you are unsure of these details, use our powerful Specs Tool to get the size and weight of your machine. Simply enter the make and model of your combine to get the basic specs. If your combine features duals, make sure to amend the width. Likewise, if your combine has a pickup header, you can also amend the width measurement once you have the base specs. You can also add a manual note to the description before you post the load to alert potential drivers of the accurate measurements of additional parts. 

Once you receive your free quote, post your load to our load board to be connected with a driver. Our network of professional heavy haul drivers is located across North America, so shipping your equipment from any destination is easy and convenient. 

If your load is considered oversized, your driver will communicate with you the requirements for hauling, such as any required permits and pilot vehicle arrangements.

Combine Harvester Transport in Manitoba

If you have questions about shipping your combine harvester across the Prairie Provinces, please contact our customer support. At Trusted Dispatch, our commitment to quality means that you can always rely on expert truckers and big cost savings. Get your instant free quote today.   

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