How to Prepare Heavy Equipment for Export Using a Low-Boy Trailer

Written by Trusted Dispatch

March 24, 2023

Transporting commercial goods/equipment is a booming industry in the United States and Canada. Whether exported from Canada or the States, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly before pickup day. Knowing what trailer bed to use for your equipment is the first step and is essential for safe transport. Most oversized loads work well with low-boy trailers because they are the easiest trailers to load and unload. They are also called semi-trailers with a drop deck, double-drop, low-bed, or float trailer. 

Types of Low-Boy Trailers

There are typically three types of low-boy trailers: fixed neck, fixed gooseneck, and removable gooseneck. 

1. Fixed-Neck

Fixed-neck is a lighter-weight trailer with beaver tail ramps on the back that tuck upright during transport. This type of trailer has less flexibility for loading due to its fixed position.

2. Fixed Gooseneck (FGN)

The benefit of a fixed gooseneck is that the deck height of the low-boy is adjustable and can be close to the ground for easier loading. This attachment makes it easy to load and unload oversized driveable equipment from the front or back of the trailer. 

3. Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

RGN trailers are commonly used in the heavy hauling industry. These trailer beds are suited to carry tall or oversized equipment. They can either have a hydraulic detachable or mechanically detachable gooseneck. 

Low-Boy Trailers & Loading

When prepping low-boy trailers for loading, there are several essential steps to ensure your equipment transports safely and efficiently. 

Cleaning off your equipment and all its attachments will help identify any damages before transport. Ensuring you know of any scratches or dents will help you recognize any scrapes or damages when it arrives. After cleaning is the perfect time to inspect and take pictures of your machine for reference. Additionally, a clean machine can help you easily spot the tie-down locations for efficient loading. 

Another essential part of safe loading is establishing a clear loading area. A clear loading area will decrease injuries as it’s easy to trip, hit or damage equipment on surrounding items. It’s also important to remove any loose items from the cab, to prevent them from flying about during transport. 

Finally, ensure to check fluids, and cover windows or vulnerable areas of your machine. At Trusted Dispatch, our drivers always cover all windshields so no debris on the road damages your equipment. 

Stay in Touch With the Driver

Before exporting, ensure to stay in touch with your driver. At Trusted Dispatch, our app allows quick and easy communication with your assigned trucker. 

Many issues can occur before the semi-truck gets to its final destination. The weather could cause delays in shipment, along with road construction. Road conditions can be unpredictable, especially in Canada and having a driver in constant contact can inform you of these delays. 

Road permits are another possible reason for the delay in shipment, which is why it is essential to prepare in advance of loading day and provide accurate measurements. When a driver weighs in and is found over the limit, they’ll need to wait for the proper permit before transporting your load further. 

Importance of Giving Accurate Measurements

The measurements of your equipment will determine the permits and type of trailer needed for your journey. Every state/province has their own requirements for oversized load transportation. Many areas will require flags, pilot cars and paperwork. It’s crucial to know the rules and regulations of the road for safe and timely travel.

Choosing the correct trailer for your machine, such as a low-boy trailer, will help with faster loading and unloading times. The proper trailer will also aid in the safety of your equipment while it is on the road. Without the right kind of trailer, fuel usage will increase, and it can cause wear and tear on the equipment. 

If you don’t know the weight or dimensions of your machine, then use the Trusted Dispatch Specs Tool, which includes over 60,000 heavy equipment specifications and is free to use! Just remember to add details about any customizations or attachments your equipment will be travelling with. Knowing the accurate specs will allow your driver to pick the proper trailer and help you abide by road rules, and keep your transport running smoothly.

Hauling Heavy Equipment Across the Canada – U.S. Border

Preparing your equipment for export is step one, and finding a drive is step two. At Trusted Dispatch, our app pairs you with a trucker specific to your transport needs. The drivers that use our load board are skilled, knowledgeable and well-vetted in the industry. If you are ready to start, use our calculator for a free, instant quote today!

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