How to Find Heavy Haulers in Quebec


Written by Trusted Dispatch

February 16, 2023

Looking for Long Haul Transportation Services? 

Let’s say you have an oversized load that needs to be moved across Quebec. There are a few avenues to take when it comes to finding a driver with the right truck and trailer for the job–how do you know which option is best for you? In this article, we will talk about three ways to find a trucking company with freight service capabilities to transport your heavy equipment through Quebec. 

Why Finding the Right Heavy Haul Transportation Matters

Booking a heavy haul transport across a provincial highway requires proper logistics management and preparation to make sure your load gets to its destination safely and on time. For instance, depending on the size of your equipment, each province has varying rules for oversized load permits and whether a pilot car is required for the trip. 

Vehicle load and size limit regulations in Quebec consider the following factors when determining if an oversized load permit is required:

  • Dimensions
  • Loads per axle group
  • Total loaded mass of heavy vehicles operated on public roads

If you are new to planning a long-haul transportation service, it would be beneficial to consider the heavy load limitations for Quebec when searching for a driver to carry your load. Here are three ways to connect with a heavy haul trucker for your load: 

1. Use a Freight Broker 

One way to find freight services in Quebec is to use a freight broker. A freight broker is responsible for finding a shipping provider to move your heavy load for you. On the one hand, freight brokers provide a convenient solution for finding heavy haul transportation as they take care of finding a carrier and invoicing shippers, paying carriers, and managing the financial side of things. 

Convenience comes at a cost, though, as a freight broker will charge a separate fee for the time spent connecting you with a carrier for your oversized load. Keep in mind that this fee would be in addition to what you would pay the driver, as well as shipping costs. Consider that a freight broker communicates with drivers on your behalf. You are required to trust the broker to find a trustworthy, experienced driver without a guarantee that it’s what you’ll get.   

We have put together a handy resource that explains more differences between using a freight broker vs. a load board to ship your heavy equipment. This guide may help you decide which route to take for your shipment in Quebec.  

2. Call Someone You Know  

A budget-conscious option for moving heavy equipment could be to call someone you know to take care of the shipping for you. Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, who has a truck and trailer suitable for hauling heavy equipment. That being said, counting on a friend of a friend doesn’t guarantee they have the expertise to load, transport, and unload your expensive equipment safely or correctly. 

Calling someone you know to move your heavy load for you may save you money from a shipping standpoint, but you risk damaging the shipment due to an inexperienced driver or improper hauling equipment, resulting in potentially higher costs for repairs. 

3. Hire A Professional 

A risk-free way to ensure your equipment is transported safely and efficiently is to hire a professional driver. At Trusted Dispatch, our reliable network of heavy haul truckers is vetted to be sure that every driver available knows how to handle permits when needed, bring the right gear, and transport your equipment safely at a reasonable price. 

Our leading-edge technology makes finding a driver for your oversized shipment as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Receive a free, instant quote.
  2. Publish your load on our load board for free.
  3. Have your load delivered by a driver you can trust. 

Heavy Haul Company in Quebec

Trusted Dispatch provides heavy haul trucking services across North America, serving customers in Canada and the United States. Contact us today for a free, instant quote and to get connected with a Trusted Dispatch driver. You can count on Trusted Dispatch to give you peace of mind knowing that your heavy equipment will be transported from point A to point B safely and on time. 

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