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February 14, 2019

New To Trusted Dispatch?

If you are a New Driver to the Trusted Dispatch Platform, check out this helpful walkthrough of how to use of app and site. Notifications of new loads, how to find a load, accept a load, place an offer and message the shipper. Plus a few insights that might well help you get more heavy equipment loads.

Get More Heavy Equipment Loads 

Take a look at our walkthrough. Gain a better understanding from the first hand experiences of our drivers and customer support. Get more of the loads you want by using Trusted Dispatch.

We wanted to thank you for checking us out, and if you’ve just subscribed, WELCOME!  

Here’s an overview on how our system works.  

Your Driver Profile: 

We can’t stress this enough, but please, please update your driver profile. If you don’t fully complete your profile you won’t be able to accept loads, find loads, place offers or message the shipper.

When a shipper publishes a load, a driver accepts, but then declines due to the fact there is limited to no driver information! 

Imagine you are the shipper. You view the driver credentials and there is no picture of the driver and truck, no haul history, no insurance. Would you confirm the driver and prepay your load? The shipper is using our platform precisely because they want a professional heavy haul driver like you, they need to have the reassurance that you have the experience and are real.  

Our support team follows up with the shipper if there is a delay in them confirming you, if they decline you etc. and try to reassure as much as possible. 

In conclusion the more information in your driver profile the better.  Click to edit your details.

Driver subscriptions:  

Ensure you have the right subscription for the loads you want to get. Our highest generating owner operators choose to have the gooseneck loads option and semi loads option together. 

It’s free too. Just select BASIC, and pick the package that works best for you. This option allows you to Accept Loads, Find Loads, Submit Offers To Haul & allows you to Message the Shipper. Having the option of grabbing a mid-sized excavator for example that allows you to connect to a larger Rock Truck could well be worth it. 

You might already have a BASIC subscription with us and want to upgrade that to a paid package. You can switch to a PREMIUM yearly subscription at any time, $299 and $499 respectively. This option allows you to get instant load notifications the minute a load is posted to our site by the shipper. All the same features as BASIC, but with no delay in you getting notified of our loads.

Trusted Dispatch App:  

We strongly suggest downloading the app, which is free, in the first instance. So you don’t miss load opportunities. You can download our App here:

Google Play

App Store

Instant Quote:

We provide a solution to shippers looking to have heavy equipment transported throughout Canada and in and out of the United States. Our automated system allows a shipper to obtain an accurate free instant quote and if the rate works for them, they can publish that load instantly to you, our expert owner-operators.  

Load Published: 

When a load is published by a shipper we e-mail you notification, as well as a notification on our free app. 

Accepting A Load: 

This is an obvious one, but if you see a load that works for you. The right time frame, the right rate, do not delay, accept that load. 

Some of our most successful drivers are very entrepreneurial. If they see a load that might work, but either the date does not quite fit, they take action.  

Just click the Accept button on the load itself. You can find loads by using the FIND tab in the app on your mobile device. Or through the main website once you’re logged in. Click the main menu, and click Find A Load.

Our system notifies the Shipper that you can haul their load via text and e-mail. And customer support follows up if the Shipper does not confirm you as the driver in a timely manner. Remember, don’t turn a wheel until you see that you are the Confirmed Driver.

Please only accept the load if you know you can do it within the timeframe specified by the shipper, that you can haul for the displayed rate, and you have the right equipment for the haul. 


Our system also allows the shipper to publish loads that fall outside our online calculators’ load algorithms, for example over legal width and height loads, or a load that is overweight. 

These loads are presented to you as shippers searching for offers on that haul. Every heavy haul driver in our community can place an offer to ship those loads. 

Message the Shipper: 

You can use the message system in our app to contact the shipper direct to see if the load can be picked up/delivered outside the timeframe or any additional question you have.

Customer support also monitors this, so if we do not see a response from the shipper we actively reach out and see if we can make it work for you.  

Placing An Offer To Haul: 

If you see a load that might work for you, but the rate isn’t quite working. No problem. Some of our most profitable drivers will place an offer on the load, when you access the load sheet next to the accept button you will notice an arrow pointing down.  

  • Click that arrow. You’ll be shown two options, message shipper and place offer. 
  • Click the place offer button. Enter your all in rate, i.e inc permits, ferry fees, pilot cars etc. Add to the notes to specify what the rate includes, if there is a pickup date that work for you etc. Finally, enter the delivery date. 

We use this to really hammer home to the shipper that you can do this load! 

Customer support will actively follow up with the shipper to ensure they have received the offer, we aim to showcase you, the driver, build confidence and ultimately secure the load and have you confirmed as the expert heavy haul driver.

Confirmed Driver: 

When you are confirmed as a driver, the shipper has now prepaid the load. 

We send you via e-mail the shippers contact information. It’s also available in the load sheet by accessing my loads. We encourage you to make contact with the shipper to make your final arrangements.  

As you know, communication is important. Keep in touch with the shipper, let them know when you’re loading, if you encounter delays, when you’re going to deliver etc. It all sounds obvious, but we do encounter problems that really can be avoided with a simple text or call to the shipper. 

Load Complete: 

Once you complete a delivery, don’t forget to ask for the haul complete code. You need this to tell our system that you have completed the load, and we can pay you! If the shipper does not know how to find that or has forgotten it. Just call customer support +1-587-956-8681 

Entering the Haul Complete Code: 

Access the load sheet via My Loads. It shows confirmed right now. When you click on it, you will see a button that says COMPLETE

Click that button and enter the code. When you enter the haul complete code you can leave a review/feedback about the shipper and leave a star rating. 

Join Our Community Of Expert Heavy Haul Drivers

We also encourage you to leave a Google Review

The more positive reviews we have linked to Trusted Dispatch, Drivers and Shippers alike. The better our reach becomes through Googles search engine. So the next time a shipper needs to ship heavy equipment the more likely they are to use us, and the more load opportunities you will have too. 

Thanks for your support, leave us a review here: https://g.page/trusteddispatch/review?rc 

Finally, we built this system to maximize your revenues. If you have feedback for us, or an idea that we could implement, let us know. We can’t promise to implement everything, but we do listen! 

So feel free to let us know what you think. 

Office: +1-587-956-8681

E-mail: dispatch@trusteddispatch.com

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