5 Tips for Transporting a Bull Dozer

Written by Trusted Dispatch

March 9, 2023

5 Tips for Transport a Bull Dozer

Bulldozers are powerful pieces of machinery that are commonly found on construction sites. They are capable of handling very heavy loads and are used to move soil and dirt. They are also used for digging and ditching, spreading soil, rough grading, and removing construction debris and boulders. Overall, bulldozers are versatile machines that can be used on construction sites, for roadwork, in forestry, and in the oil, gas, and mining industries. 

When moving a bulldozer from one site to the next, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure your machine moves safely. 

How Big Is Your Bulldozer?

Bulldozers are heavy pieces of construction machinery that come in a variety of sizes. Mini bulldozers are relatively small and used for smaller construction projects and landscaping. 

The larger bulldozers push around huge quantities of dirt and rubble. They are so powerful they can quickly clear thickets of brush and knock down full-grown trees. While the smaller bulldozers can be easily transported, larger bulldozers with extra wide attachments are considered oversized. These require special handling procedures and permits for travel. 

Choosing the Right Trailer 

There are a variety of trailers that can be used to haul heavy construction machinery. The weight and dimensions of the equipment determine the type of trailer that will be used. Smaller dozers are relatively easy to transport using a step deck trailer. However, larger, oversized machines need to be transported using a removable gooseneck trailer with more axels to accommodate the weight.

The Benefits of Hiring An Experienced Driver

When you are looking to move any type of heavy machinery, it is essential to hire the services of an experienced heavy hauler. Professional drivers know:

  • The type of equipment needed for safe transport
  • Proper loading and unloading procedures
  • Heavy equipment securement procedures
  • How to navigate the roads in poor weather conditions
  • Highway transportation rules and regulations
  • Oversized permit requirements

Professional heavy haul drivers also have cargo insurance to protect your equipment during transit. 

Post Your Load to The Load Board

No matter where you need your machinery shipped, it is easy to connect with a heavy haul driver. Use the Trusted Dispatch app to get your free quote. 

  1. Enter the pick-up location
  2. Enter the drop-off destination
  3. Input the weight and the size dimensions of your machine

If you don’t know the specifications of your machine, use our Specs Tool. You simply need to enter the make and model of your machine to get the information. This tool provides base model measurements. If you have modifications, added features, or a specialized blade, you’ll need to account for those measurements. 

Once you receive your free quote, either save it or post your load to the load board. Most loads are claimed by a driver within 24 to 48 hours, so check your email or the Trusted Dispatch app for a response.

Preparing Your Bulldozer For Transport

Once you have secured a heavy haul driver, stay in contact with the driver and make preparations for loading day. 

Send Photos of the Machine to Your Driver

Post photos of your load so the driver can prepare for transportation. If there are any extra attachments, let them know about this too.

Clean Your Machine

Cleaning your machine and removing accumulated dirt will allow your driver to easily identify the tie-down points. It will also allow you to assess for any damage prior to transportation. Don’t forget to remove any personal items from the cab. 

Prepare an Adequate Loading and Unloading Space

It is essential to ensure that your equipment is parked in an area where the ground is completely flat and that the space is also wide enough to accommodate the truck and the trailer. The same conditions are needed to safely unload the machine.

Reliable Bulldozer Transport in Canada

If you are looking for a reliable heavy haul driver to transport your bulldozer anywhere in Canada, contact us. With Trusted Dispatch, you get access to a professional network of drivers, affordable rates, and reliable service. Book your next shipment today!

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