7 Benefits of Using a Heavy Haul Load Board


Written by Trusted Dispatch

March 3, 2023

7 Benefits of Using a Heavy Haul Load Board

When you need to transport heavy machinery from one work site to the next, it is important to hire the services of a professional heavy haul driver. These drivers have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience to transport your equipment safely. There are several ways to secure a heavy haul driver:

  1. Hire a private owner-operator to transport your load
  2. Hire a freight broker to connect you with a large-load trucking driver
  3. Post your load to a load board 

If you are looking for a service that is reliable and affordable, consider posting to a load board. It is quick and easy to find a driver and will benefit you in several ways.

What Is a Load Board?

A load board is a digital service that connects you, the customer, to experience professional drivers. Some load boards are self-serviced, meaning you manage your shipment entirely with the driver, including arranging payment, staying in communication, and problem-solving. Many customers prefer to use the Trusted Dispatch load board because we have real people available to answer your questions, we hold payments securely until shipments are delivered, and we can assist with any troubleshooting along the way. 

You Don’t Have to Pay Brokerage Fees

When you post to a load board, you cut out the middleman. Freight brokers connect you with a driver and charge fees for this service. This means you have to pay the transport fees and an additional fee to the broker. 

You Get Better Shipping Rates

If you book transportation with an owner-operator, you can’t be sure you are getting the best rate. When you post your load to a load board, you have access to multiple drivers, which will potentially give you a more competitive rate. 

Load Boards Are Easy To Use

Load boards can be accessed on your computer or by using a mobile app. Many transport companies provide a free quote so you can see how much it will cost to ship your heavy load. 

Simply enter three key pieces of information:

  1. The pick-up location
  2. The drop-off destination
  3. The weight and size dimensions of the machine

If you don’t know the specs, you can use our powerful Specs Tool. This tool holds 60,000 pieces of heavy machinery in the database, so it is easy to get your specs. 

Fast and Easy Process

When you post your load to a load board, the turnaround time to connect with a driver is pretty quick. In most cases, a driver will accept your load within 24 to 48 hours, so check your email or your app for messages to connect with the driver. 

You Gain Access To Professional Drivers

In the case of oversized load transportation, there are different procedures to follow that vary from state to state. Drivers must secure permits for wide loads, and if size dimensions exceed legal limits, they may require an escort vehicle to accompany the truck. For this reason, it is important to hire a professional driver with oversized transportation experience so they can follow regional regulations and transport your equipment safely to its destination. 

You Have More Control Over the Process

When you hire a freight broker to secure your transportation, you have no control over the hiring process, you can’t easily connect with the driver, and there is little control over the price. With a load board, you don’t have to wait for your broker to connect you to a driver. Simply get your free quote, and if you are happy with the price, post your load. Once the driver accepts your load, you will be connected via phone and email so you can share important details about your shipment and stay in touch as the shipping date nears. 

Get Customer Reviews

The great thing about load boards is that you have access to customer reviews, so you are aware of the kind of service the company provides. Check out the company website or independent review sites such as Google. 

Heavy Haul Load Boards For Fast, Reliable Shipping 

Load boards offer the benefit of connecting you with a large number of heavy haul drivers who are located across Canada and the United States. This means that there is no place too far or too remote that your machine cannot be delivered to. Avoid the common mistakes most people make in shipping heavy equipment. Get started and connect with a driver using our Trusted Dispatch App and get your free quote today!  

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