How to Safely Transport a Wheel Loader

Written by Trusted Dispatch

February 21, 2023

What Is a Wheel Loader?

A wheel loader is a versatile piece of equipment available in different models with varying capabilities, depending on the job you require. A wheel loader is most commonly used to lift and carry materials around and across a jobsite. They operate on the front end by digging into the ground and scooping up materials for carrying. You’ll usually find a wheel loader on construction sites, industrial clean-up projects, and even on farms. Popular types of wheel loaders include skid loaders, track loaders, backhoe loaders, and swing loaders.

What to Consider When Shipping Wheel Loaders

Due to their size, wheel loaders may require oversized permits for heavy haul transport. If you require shipping services to move a wheel loader to a new job site, it is important to consider weight and height limits ahead of time to ensure a safe and efficient transportation process. Size limitations for heavy machinery and oversized load permit requirements vary from province to province. 

When searching for potential shipping companies, consider the importance of connecting with a driver that knows these regulations and requirements well. The right driver for the job should also have the right truck and trailer for hauling heavy machinery and proper loading/unloading procedures for safe transport. Below are a few tips on how to safely transport a wheel loader.    

1. Hire Experienced and Reliable Drivers 

Transporting wheel loaders requires special attention to logistics. These machines come in various sizes and dimensions, depending on their attachments. It is important to find an experienced and reliable driver that you can trust to move your equipment door to door with peace of mind. Choosing a heavy haul trucker you can trust is an investment in the safety of your equipment and those involved in the loading and unloading processes. 

2. Use The Right Truck and Trailer  

Wheel loaders can vary in size, which is why connecting with a driver who has the right truck and trailer to haul your machine is crucial. There are a few different trailer types that can handle hauling wheel loaders, including: 

  • Step deck trailers
  • Double drop trailers
  • Removable gooseneck trailers 
  • Booster jeeps for distributing weight properly on trailer types 

Trailers that can carry a wheel dozer are typically just over eight feet wide, but depending on the size and weight of the equipment, your driver’s truck will need to be able to haul a trailer that can carry tall and wide loads. The right trailer should have multiple axles to accommodate the extra weight by evenly distributing it across the deck.    

3. Practice Safe Loading and Unloading Procedures 

Preparation is key when it comes to loading and unloading your wheel loader for transport. Accidents and damages happen when the details are overlooked, so we make sure our driver network at Trusted Dispatch is vetted properly–every driver should know what to expect. To help assist your driver and the loading/unloading processes, here is a handy checklist to follow:

  • Read the manual for your wheel loader if you have it to see if there are any specific loading/unloading instructions.
  • Latch your doors to avoid the risk of doors flapping in the wind during transport.
  • Disconnect the battery to make sure your dozer has enough juice to start upon arrival.
  • Cover the smokestack securely to prevent debris from getting in.
  • Make sure your machine is in a prime loading location, which should have level ground, overhead space, and enough room for the truck and trailer.
  • Wash the wheel loader down and inspect it for any damage before transport.
  • Take photos of the equipment and post them on your load board so drivers know what to expect and which type of trailer to load. 

Heavy Equipment Transport You Can Count On in North America

Ready to safely transport your wheel loader from point A to point B? At Trusted Dispatch, we will connect you with a driver whose years of experience will ensure your expensive equipment arrives at its destination safely and on time. Get in touch with us today and learn how to get an instant, free shipping quote for your heavy equipment transportation needs across Canada and the United States.  

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