How to Avoid Common Hazards That Can Cause Equipment Delays 

Written by Trusted Dispatch

April 21, 2023

Shipping heavy equipment requires careful planning and, when possible, flexible timelines for transporting from point A to point B. Amongst some of the challenges in heavy haul shipping is the sometimes unpredictability of transport. There is always a chance that weather, construction, or rules of the road could cause heavy transport delays, and it may not be possible to deliver your load on the timeline you request. However, there are ways to work around heavy hauling challenges and plan ahead to find the best schedule to deliver your equipment or load. 

Mitigate Shipping or Transport Route Changes

The best way to avoid sudden route changes is by planning ahead so you’re aware of heavy-hauling hazards ahead of time. If there are long stretches of construction, you can plan to avoid them. Or, for example, if you’re hauling an oversize load, you can research the height restrictions of bridges and overpasses. If your load is too large, you’ll need to plan for alternate routes rather than getting stuck or causing an accident on the road – which can lead to injuries, damage to your load and trailer, and potentially fines.

Route planning can also reveal other factors that need to be considered, including getting the right permits, the need for international shipping permits, or varying oversize load regulations. And if something unexpected happens on the road and a route change is required, you have an alternate route ready to go in your back pocket. 

Watch for Weather, Obstacles, and Road Closures

Bad weather can create some major heavy hauling hazards, and it is unpredictable, so it’s important to stay on top of weather reports. In fact, staying on top of as many reports as possible, including traffic reports, construction, road closures, and news on obstacles such as fires or landslides, is a good habit so you can be well prepared for any event. You can avoid risky areas, select optimum travel dates, and prevent undesirable situations when surprises pop up.

Prevent Incorrect Permits or Failures to Follow Road Regulations

Not only do incorrect permits or broken rule regulations result in hefty fines, but they also cause major delays. Without the right permits, your load can’t stay on the road. Just doing a little research beforehand, alongside your route planning, means you can be better prepared and avoid breaking the rules. There won’t be any need to stress about missing documents or the accompanying delays and fines, and your load can be on its way.

You’ll want to pay extra attention to this if your shipment needs to cross borders. Since customs clearance often requires extra documentation, delays can become significant if your load gets held up at the border.

Don’t Work With Inexperienced Truckers

Many of the aforementioned issues can also be prevented by working with experienced drivers. An experienced heavy haul driver will be reliably informed of potential hazards. They’ll know how to plan routes, suggest schedules that work around time restrictions on busy roads, and keep good communication with you the entire time. Professional drivers take their work and schedules seriously and want your shipment to arrive on time as much as you do. 

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