5 Tips to Transport a Combine-Harvester

A combine harvester is an essential piece of heavy equipment that is used in the agricultural industry. It is a complex machine that cuts, threshes and cleans grain using a host of rotating blades, wheels, sieves and elevators. When shipping agricultural equipment from one farm to another, it is important to hire a professional heavy hauler to ship your equipment safely. 

Know The Dimensions. How Big Is Your Combine Harvester?

There are a variety of combine harvesters made by several manufacturers, including Fendt, John Deere and AGCO. There are several types of combine that come in different sizes. 

There Are Three Main Types of Harvesters:

  • The self-propelled harvester moves on wheels and is ideal for areas with hard soil. 
  • Tractor-mounted harvesters are operated using tractors mounted on top of them.
  • Track combine harvesters have high ground clearance and are commonly used for crops such as rice that is grown in wetlands. 

What Are the Specs of Your Machine? 

If you are unsure as to the size and weight of your machine, use our powerful Specs Tool to find out. Our Specs Tool has a database of over 60,000 pieces of machinery. Simply enter the make and model of your machine to get your specs. 

Choose the Right Trailer For Your Harvester

Your heavy haul driver knows how to haul a combine harvester. They will take the specs that you provide for your machine and choose the right trailer to accommodate the weight, adding axles if needed.

Flatbed trailers are commonly used for smaller farm combines. These regular-sized combines are easier to transport as they don’t require any permits. Wider, heavier farm equipment is classified as an oversized load and requires permits and special instructions for transport. Oversized combines are typically transported using a removable gooseneck trailer or RGN. An RGN trailer can adapt to different weights by adding axles. 

Transporting Combine Harvester Attachments

A combine harvester is often used with different attachments depending on the crop being harvested. There are various types of cutters, pickers, reel and cone attachments that are essential to the farming process. When you book a heavy haul driver for harvester shipping, it is essential to let them know about additional attachments that need to be transported. 

Find an Experienced Heavy Haul Driver

Shipping heavy machinery is complex and requires specialized skills and expertise to transport your combine harvester safely. When it comes to combine harvester transport, it is important to connect with a professional driver.

Check That Your Driver Is Cargo Insured

Combine harvesters are an expensive piece of machinery. Cargo insurance is vital to ensure that your equipment is fully protected from accidents or any damage that may occur during transportation.

Connect With a Heavy Haul Driver

To connect with a heavy haul driver to transport your equipment, use the Trusted Dispatch app to get a free quote on your delivery

  • Enter the pick-up location
  • Enter the drop-off destination
  • Enter the size and weight of your machine

After receiving your instant free quote, either save it for future use or post it to our load board to connect with a driver. They will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Prepare Your Excavator for Transport

Prepare your machine for transport ahead of the pick-up date so your driver can ship your equipment without any delay.

Clean Your Equipment

Wash down your machine to remove any dirt that has accumulated on its surface. This is particularly important as it allows your driver to locate the tie-down points so they can easily secure your machine to the trailer deck.

Empty the Cab

Remove any personal belongings that may be stored inside the cab. Loose items that may be sitting in the cab can fly around, potentially causing damage to the windshield and windows. 

Stay in Touch During the Transport

Once you have booked your heavy haul, you will receive the contact information for your driver. Stay in close contact with your driver while your machine is in transit, so your driver can advise you of any potential problems or delays. 

Use Our Load Board For Combine Harvester Transport

When you book equipment shipping services with Trusted Dispatch, you can have peace of mind knowing your equipment will be delivered safely to your door. With our network of professional drivers located across North America, it’s easy to get connected to a heavy haul driver today. Get your instant free quote!

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