5 Questions to Ask About Heavy Hauling in Minnesota

Written by Trusted Dispatch

July 14, 2023

As a leading producer of agricultural products, it’s not rare to see agricultural equipment on truck trailers moving down Minnesota highways. Heavy equipment transport is a thriving industry between farm equipment, heavy construction machinery, and other industrial machinery. Heavy load hauling is not just something anyone can do. You need a special license, insurance, and experience to be a confident heavy hauler. If you’re thinking of becoming a heavy haul driver or hiring a heavy hauling service, here are five questions to ask. 

1. How Big Is the Load?

When transporting heavy equipment, knowing how big the load will be is essential. You need to have measurements for the height, length, and width of the machine. Before you can get an accurate quote on the cost of moving your machine, your driver will ask for these details every time. 

Oversize Permit Requirements: an oversize permit is required when:

  • An overall load width is more than 8’6”
  • An overall load height is more than 13’6”
  • An overall load length exceeds 75’ on combination vehicles
  • An overall load length exceeds 45’ on single vehicles

If you’re planning to transport your own machine or know someone with the qualifications for heavy haul trucking, you also need these numbers. Many flatbed trailers are well suited to transporting large or oversized equipment, including step decks, lowboys, and removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers. Knowing which one will accommodate the size of your heavy machinery makes it easier to know who is available and equipped to help you out. 

2. How Much Does the Load Weigh?

Once you know which trailer matches the size of your load, you also need to know how much it weighs. Our powerful Specs Tool stores information on thousands of base models to help you estimate your machine’s weight. When possible, you can consult the operating manual for your equipment or weigh it on an industrial scale before the transport date. 

Overweight Permit Requirements: when the overall gross vehicle weight (GVW) exceeds 80,000 lbs, an overweight permit is required. 

There are two primary reasons why you need to know the weight: safety and regulations. Certain roadways and infrastructure have capacity limits that you need to abide by to prevent damage and penalties. You also need to equip your truck and trailer with the correct axles to support the weight. Oversize loads and super loads need to distribute their weight over the trailer to prevent damage to your truck and trailer. Extra axels help make this happen. 

3. Do You Need a Permit? 

The state of Minnesota has rules and regulations regarding when and where equipment hauling can take place. If your load is over the limit, you will need a special permit before you start hauling heavy equipment. Once you have your permit, you’ll also be informed of the restrictions regarding time of day and holidays. Many states limit when heavy loads can be on highways. 

The Minnesota State licensing department issues permits for oversized and overweight vehicles for single trips, job permits, and annual permits. If this is a one-time haul, you’ll likely want the single-trip permit. However, if you’re going to be shipping heavy machinery back and forth on a regular basis in the state, you may want to consider the other two options. 

4. Do You Have the Right Truck and Trailer?

When you know your dimensions and weight, you need to determine which trailer you’ll use and whether you have the right truck. With heavy equipment, we recommend hiring a professional heavy hauler. Truckers with experience hauling super loads know their equipment. They’ll show up on loading day with the right size trailer and enough chains and securement straps to ensure your machine stays put during the trip. 

5. Which Route Is Your Best Option?

Planning your route is also essential when hauling heavy equipment and machinery. You need to ensure that the load you’re hauling can fit on the road, under any overpasses or bridges and meets the weight restrictions. Consulting with the permit details before transport day helps you be prepared ahead of time. We always recommend planning an alternative route as well, just in case the unexpected arises. 

Hire a Professional Heavy Hauler in Minnesota 

When you need a professional heavy hauler in Minnesota, Trusted Dispatch is ready to help. Our network of experienced truck drivers operates across Canada and the United States. You can get your free quote instantly and start using our free load board today. 

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