Shipping Process

How Trusted Dispatch Can Help you Find An Expert Heavy Haul Driver For Your Load?

How it works:

We’ve built a platform that’s easy for you to use and accurate. After entering in your pick up and drop off location, followed by what piece of heavy equipment you need to ship our system will do the rest and instantly provide you a rate. If you like the rate go right ahead and publish the load, for free, to our database of professional heavy haul owner operator drivers. 

1. Accurate Equipment Description: 

One of the first things the drivers will see when we notify them of a load is the equipment description. Our spec search tool will pre-load the description, but did you know you can add to that. For example JOHN DEERE 9860 STS, with additional 30’ header. Or if you have multiple items, brief note in the description indicating that and then more detail in the driver note area. 

2. Load Images: 

Uploading an image of your load often helps it to really stand out. It can help our driver visualise how they can load with perhaps other equipment he is hauling, how to secure the load. It can save time if a driver wants to research your equipment too. Having the image present gets your load accepted more quickly. You can upload an image as you create the load. You can also add an image at anytime after the load has been posted.

3. Ready Date & Delivery Date: 

As we are aiming to catch a driver on his way through it helps if you are flexible with the pick up and delivery deadline, or at the very least give a decent window of opportunity for our drivers. If you need to change the date once the load is published just contact our office and we can make the change. 

4. Load Assist & Unload Assist: 

Depending upon what you are shipping you might toggle Yes/No on this option in the load details page. 

A lot of our loads are roll on and roll off, like Tractors and Rock Trucks 

On occasion though it might be preferable to arrange load assist. For example shipping heavy equipment that requires lifting onto the deck. If a driver views the load and sees that it requires a forklift or a crane they are somewhat less likely to accept the load. If you are able to assist it makes the load much more appealing to the driver, allowing them to load efficiently without additional cost and arrangements with you. 

5. Driver to Shipper Messages: 

Drivers do have an option to send you a brief message pertaining to the load. If you receive a text from Trusted Dispatch click the link and this will direct you to the message from the driver. 

The driver might have a quick question for you, perhaps confirming dimensions, asking for a load image, asking for flexibility on a load out or drop off. 

We find if the question is answered the driver is usually the able to go ahead and accept the load. 

We do monitor the messages, and if we see that you have not responded we do aim to call you. 

6. Load Boosting: 

If after posting your load and perhaps 24 hours has passed without a message from a driver, an offer or any of drivers accepting you load you might want to consider Boosting the load. 

Click on My Loads via the main menu, select your published load, and click Boost.

Use the sliding bar to decide the appropriate rate increase. When you boost the load the chance of connecting with a driver increases. This is of course optional, and if you prefer you can leave the load just as it is.

7. Offers to Ship from our Drivers: 

Our system does allow our drivers to make an offer to ship your heavy equipment. You will only receive an offer if the load has not been accepted by a driver already. So, if your load has not been accepted within 24hours you may receive an offer from one of our drivers. 

The offer from the driver is optional and only for you to consider, we want to give you at least that option. There is no obligation to accept an offer from our drivers. 

The offer shows the rate the driver can complete your load for, when he can deliver, his credentials, his star rating, profile image and a link to his reviews. You might find that based on positive reviews alone, the drivers history that perhaps the offer is worth your investment. 

Final Note  

When a driver accepts your load, and you have confirmed them. Please do make contact with them. We provide you the drivers mobile number and e-mail. You can have as much or as little communication with the driver as you like. But we have found that as always great communication between a shipper and driver equals successfully delivered loads and great experience all round. Our drivers are professional and are very proud of the job they do. They are great to deal with and do gout their way to give you a pleasant experience.  

Need Help?  

If you have any questions or run into any issues you can of course always contact the Trusted Dispatch Office. 

Customer Support is contactable on: 

Office: +1-587-956-8681