Ready To Ship

Getting ready to ship heavy equipment with us?

Take a look at some tips we’ve gathered from our shippers and drivers to help you get ready.


Read the manual: If you happen to have a manual for your piece of the heavy equipment you might find specific instructions on how to prepare for transport.

Latch your doors: You do not want a door to flap in the wind if not properly closed.

Disconnect the battery: If the equipment has a long journey ahead, consider disconnecting the battery, so it will start on arrival.

Cover the Stack: Simply cover the smokestack prior to transport to stop debris from getting in. Make sure that the covering is secure too.

Select a loading spot: Having the equipment ready in a good spot, so the driver can load easily. Level ground, overhead space, plenty of room for a truck and trailer to load.

Quick wash: You might consider washing down the equipment. This gives you an opportunity to inspect for any damage prior to transport. Also helping to expose tie-down areas for the driver.

Take photos: Take images of the equipment prior to transport and when it is loaded. Great for future reference and very handy if you are shipping for your own customers.


Our drivers know heavy equipment. They will ensure everything is secure and ready for transport. Most will be able to operate it too, this is what they do day in and day out.

We will connect you with the very best driver for the haul you have. So feel free to ask your driver about the final arrangements ahead of time, so you have a great experience.

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