The problem Shippers Face

Shipping heavy equipment can be a headache for your buyers.
Searching for qualified drivers, checking references and chasing quotes is stressful and time-consuming.
It’s a barrier to making a purchase!

Our Solution is like no other

Trusted Dispatch can solve this problem for you or your customers by providing a shipping solution with the click of a button.

Example of a “Calculate Shipping” button


The Trusted Dispatch upside

Shippers receive an instant quote with no hassle.
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove barriers to purchase
  • Reduce shipping cost
  • Enhanced user experience

Book a load quickly & easily

Step 1

Input location information.

Tell us where your load is going.

Step 2

Confirm the system’s pre-populated weight and dimensions.

Step 3

Get an instant quote.

Then publish it to our community of expert drivers. Save 30%!

Why Trusted Dispatch?

Trusted Dispatch Specializes in:

  • Heavy Hauls
  • Oversized Loads
  • Agricultural Equipment

Key Features:

  • Instant Quotes
  • Access Expert, Vetted Truckers
  • No Brokers or Middlemen
  • Canada & USA
  • Up to 30% Savings to Shipper

Leading Edge Technology


Leading-edge technology and a new approach add up to cost savings for shippers. Our advanced algorithms calculate shipping costs, then we connect shippers to a truck going home empty. Shippers can save up to 30%. All our drivers are vetted and experienced in heavy hauls.


Leadership Team

Architects of Canada’s fastest-growing booking system for heavy hauls

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Next Steps


  1. Schedule a call
  2. Book a demo
  3. Partner with leading edge technology

“I listened closely to shippers and drivers, then built Trusted Dispatch to be a solution to the problems the industry faces daily.”

Dusty LaValley