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Trusted Dispatch is the key to saving time and money. Our Grande Prairie-based operation puts you in touch with trucking companies in Alberta and across the country, providing you with a fast and affordable way to get your equipment transported from one place to another. For companies in Alberta, Trusted Dispatch is the key to saving time and money. Our Grande Prairie-based operation puts you in touch with the service providers you require - free of charge! Trucking companies in Alberta, we know exactly who to call for any and every need. When you don't know who you should call, we will!

Solutions for Every Industry & Need

We're partnered with a large number of companies throughout Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas, allowing us to provide timely solutions for any industry.


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We specialize in organizing the logistics of backhaul trucking, also known as one-way hauling. This is a highly cost-effective way to transport your loads from point A to point B, and a great way for any trucking company to run more efficiently and be more profitable. Check out our Backhaul Map now.

When you're looking for Alberta trucking companies or those that can haul across the country or into the U.S., we can post your load on our backhaul map and one of our quality carriers that are travelling empty will see and accept your job. We can look after all your trucking needs, from sourcing the trucking companies Grande Prairie businesses require for local hauls, to province to province trips, and even country to country.

Trusted Dispatch works with the largest trucking companies down to the smallest to save you the hassle of having to look for a trucking company that's equipped to do the job. We can accommodate any loads that are overweight and/or over dimensional.

We've partnered with the largest number of trucking companies we can to satisfy the diverse needs of every customer. If you need equipment hauled from an auction to anywhere in the province, or your company wants to take advantage of cost-effective backhauling solutions for a coast to coast transport, we've got you covered. Call us and let us find the provider for the service you need: 780-357-0779.

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