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About This App


Whether your load is small enough to fit in a car or the load weighs up to 80,000 lbs requiring a semi truck and trailer, you can ship it using the Trusted Dispatch APP. The APP organizes the transportation industry by placing loads with slightly flexible delivery deadlines into the available loads section of the app. Once a load is listed, empty semi trucks, pickups and even cars already driving that route can accept loads at their convenience. The drivers make extra revenue and the shipper saves on their transport cost. Additionally, reducing emissions, road use and environmental impact.



Applying is easy, and once approved a driver will have access to load listings requiring transport. The driver will have the ability to view listings by origin, weight and much more. The driver will also receive notifications when loads become available in their filtered criteria. Whether they are driving across town, province, state, or country there might be a load that works for them. It’s simple: the driver hits the accept button, receives confirmation from the shipper, they deliver the item, they get the delivery code, and then carry on. Trusted Dispatch will pay the driver by direct deposit.

Drivers can print load details and increase travel deductions for tax purposes.


If a shipper has something in need of transport, big, or small, they can now post the load within minutes directly on the APP! (Currently we offer transport for any load that will fit in a car, pickup truck, or on a flat deck-gooseneck-trailer, multi open trailer, and wheel combinations for semi truck loads. More options are coming soon).

To ship a load the shipper simply enters: the origin, destination, dimensions, and delivery deadline date of the load needing transporting. The calculations performed within the APP will confirm the cost of shipment. Additionally, for smaller items that are small enough o ship in a pickup truck or a car, the shipper can purchase cargo insurance to ensure coverage of loss or damage of the freight (all drivers for larger loads have their own cargo insurance coverage). At this point the shipper will have the ability to accept or decline the cost. If the shipper accepts the cost, the load is visible to all drivers. The shipper will then be notified when a qualified, reliable driver accepts to haul the load.

When a driver accepts the shippers load, the shipper will have the option to view the driver’s profile and reviews from other customers. The shipper can then approve or deny the driver the load. When the shipper accepts the driver, the shipper will be charged for the listed price, the payment is held in trust until the shipment arrives and you are satisfied, Trusted Dispatch will then release the funds to the driver. Payment methods are easily pre-registered, just add a credit card or register a corporate account. After the transaction is complete you will receive a receipt via email.

The shipper can modify their listing at any time. If drivers are not accepting the listing the shipper can increase the driver payout to entice acceptance. The shipper may also cancel their shipment any time before a driver has accepted the load at no charge.

Multiple load requests or specialty projects can still be done by contacting Trusted Dispatch directly. No load is too big or too small.